Tuesday, August 18, 2009

8th District update: Is Hayes running again?

Is Republican Robin Hayes planning a rematch with the guy who took his Congressional seat?

Depends who you ask.

U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican and top recruiter for the National Republican Congressional Committee, is in North Carolina this week checking out potential GOP candidates for several House seats held by Democrats. That includes the 8th District, which Democrat Larry Kissell won from Hayes last November.

"I don't believe Robin's going to run again," McCarthy told me this morning. "I would not rule that out (but) Robin's been very helpful in helping us find somebody."

Reached by email, Hayes sent back a quick response about his plans from his BlackBerry: "As yet, undetermined."

Hayes, who held the seat for five terms, could be Kissell's worst nightmare. In 2008 the wealthy textile heir spent $3.8 million on the race to Kissell's $1.5 million. And in an off-year, Kissell won't have a Barack Obama tailwind like he did last year.

"I believe the climate is going to be much different than the last two election cycles," McCarthy said. "You look at town hall meetings and others, there's a frustration out there. People are looking for new faces, fresh ideas."


Anonymous said...

Hayes has a good shot getting his seat back. Kissell was on the coattails of Obama and will not have that luxury next election. The elections were always close to begin with and as we all know, the party in power typically does poorely the following election.

cltindependent said...

What did Robin Hayes do for 5 terms? He wouldn't have lost his seat if voters thought he had a positive record. Sue Myrick had been there longer than him and she's never been at risk even though N.C. went blue in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Hayes was uneffective,hostile towards the Charlotte areas of his District and came within 300 votes of losing to a then unknown candidate in 2006 and then lost in a landslide in 2008. Kissell is a moderate and very popular in the
small towns of the district. If Hayes runs again he will be trashed again.

Leonard said...

Yeah Hays did nothing when he had the seat!
That was the reason he and many of his fellow republicans lost their seats!
America voted for change and that is what we are getting!

JAT said...

So, Jim, who DID McCarthy meet with? If he's not willing to give up any names, not even on deep background, he got stiffed.

Anonymous said...

Hayes sux. Who cares. Big oil and big drug companies plus in bed with the toxic Bush idiot voting for 2 stupid wars after the rigged 911and doubling the national debt and size of govt.

And what about McCrory who is scared to be bitch slapped by another skirt and run against do nothing bore granny malingerer Myrick who needs to be kicked out and sent to pasture.

cleananglingpledge said...

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