Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Poll says no N.C. politician very popular

With raucous debates over health care and a bevy of new state tax hikes, we know it's a tough market out there for N.C. politicians. But a new poll shows just how tough.

The survey by Raleigh's Public Policy Polling, a Democratic-leaning firm, shows neither of the state's two U.S. senators or the governor tops 40 percent in new approval ratings.

Republican Sen. Richard Burr came in at 38 percent while his Democratic counterpart Kay Hagan's approval stands at 32 percent. And Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue? Her approval is at 27 percent.

Of the 14 states in which the company has polled -- including Illinois, Ohio and Louisiana -- North Carolina has the lowest average approval rating for its senators and governor.

"North Carolinians like their politicians less than any other state we've polled this year," said company spokesman Tom Jensen. "All of the rest had at least one with an approval rating in the 40s....

"It will be interesting to see if a Jim Hunt or Jesse Helms arrives on the scene any time soon and is able to retain the affection of a majority- even a bare majority- of North Carolina voters for an extended period of time."


Anonymous said...

Well, Burr has accomplished nothing in his 4 years as Senator, Hagan can't decide what Party she is in and Perdue is surrounded by the "Not Ready for Prime Time" staff that makes her appear even more clueless ! We've dropped a long way since Sanford, Hunt, Ervin and Kerr Scott.

Anonymous said...

No N.C. politician very popular.

What rocket scientist figured that one out?

Anonymous said...

Let's don't leave Virginia Foxx's big mouth out of this. All of these people are one reason NC is one of the biggest jokes in the US. Yet folks keep sending Burr and Foxx back to Washington. Hopefully people have gotten their gut full of Hagen doing nothing and hopefully people have seen what a "do nothing" governor Perdue is except when it comes to creating unnecessary positions, opening unnecessary offices and spending money that doesn't need spending.

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