Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fetzer: 2010 to see historic GOP gains

Not since 1898 have Republicans controlled both chambers of the N.C. legislature. State GOP Chairman Tom Fetzer thinks that's going to change.

"Republicans are going to get a majority in the General Assembly, both House and Senate," Fetzer said today during a series of stops in Charlotte.

N.C. Republicans could find a national tailwind this year, an off-year election when the out-of-power party historically does well in congressional races. Add to that a flurry of retirements by prominent Senate Democrats and the six seats the GOP needs for control seem within reach.

In the House, Republicans need 9 seats to take control.

With former Gov. Mike Easley and former U.S. Sen. John Edwards, both Democrats, facing possible criminal investigations, Fetzer thinks the "culture of corruption" charge that didn't stick after the fall of House Speaker Jim Black and other Democrats finally will gain traction.

"Beyond that, Republicans need to demonstrate and articulate a coherent and cohesive message," Fetzer said. Look for the state GOP to get more involved in legislative races this year than it's done before.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Mary Sleasley, the fired Chancellor at State, Nick Mackey, Parks Helms, Harry Jones, Senator Soles, the illegal wiretapping at the DMV - Sleasley appointee. And of course Baby Jesus himself whose destructive manifesto is running this country into the ground.

Freddy said...

If he's right, God help us. Have people really forgotten all the trouble Republicans got into the last time they wielded power? Are people's memories really that short? Just cast an eye to SC to the south if you want to see true governmental dysfunction based on political dogma. Just what NC needs - more Joe Wilsons and Mark Sanfords.

Just look at the mess Congress is in because the Republicans decided losing the last election by a cumulative landslide means they have a mandate to be obstructionists, reflexively opposing every good idea the majority party comes up with, like health care reform for example. To the Republicans, nothing is amiss; everything's just swell on that front. God help us if they win.

Algernon said...

I love the irreconcilability of partisan politics...

As much as one man decries the sentiment of approaching GOP gains,
someone else, such as I for instance, loathes and despises the democratic control of both sides.

What kind of entitlement vending machine, spending Chinese borrowed dollars in such crazed out of control fashion have they turned this country into?

I am a registered independent ....and to be honest I have not seen one good idea the majority has come up with.

Health care? holy cr*p trillion$ after all is said and done and it will still leave 25 million + uninsured..that's a great idea for sure!. This is a policy that takes bribery to get votes in your own party, most Americans do not want it, and we are all being lied to from the other side of shut doors about it...yes great nobility there.......Cap and trade? you want to compete with the Chinese...for instance..in a "global market" where their only government regulation is that the 9 year old kids putting together cadmium laced toys get two bathroom breaks a day? Look around the pistons in the engine of America have all relocated their manufacturing plants to non English speaking countries.

A handout nation with a consumer based economy, god help us indeed.

Anonymous said...

Is Tom Fetzer straight now or what?

LEGENDS wants to know.

ken said...

I suppose it's only fair that the GOP get a chance to try their hand at socialism every once in a while too.

They should just dispense with our farcical elections and alternate on a rotating 4 year basis. After all,it's not like they really differ all that much.


Anonymous said...

I always get a kick out of reading these pieces that try and state there is a difference in the two major parties of this nation. What's scary though is most of the voters seem to actually believe there is a difference.

Both parties have absolute sleaze balls in them. I could sit here and list them all, but I'll leave it to the Dems to list the Repubs faults and vice versa. You all seem to know the dirty laundry of each other so well, but conveniently forget about the dirty laundry in your own house. (See posts 1 & 2 for example) And you people actually expect something to be different? lmfao

If and when the sheeple of this State & Nation actually wake up and start voting for the actual candidates instead of their party, we might get something accomplished that is for the People. Until then, what do you sheeple expect?

One last thing. Have any of you ever wondered why when you do vote your particular party in, they never go back and change the things you hated so much about the previous policies? All you Dems were screaming about how bad Bush was yet have you seen Obama do anything to fix those things? We are still in Iraq & Afghanistan. Obama kept the Patriot Act going. You Repubs hated Clinton for his affair yet had no issue whatsoever with Bush engaging this country in an illegal war.

But hey, as long as your Party is in office who gives a chit what happens to America. That's obviously what is important to you sheeple.