Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Poll: Marshall, Cunningham lead Democratic U.S. Senate race

Secretary of State Elaine Marshall holds a narrow lead over former state Sen. Cal Cunningham a week before the Democratic U.S. Senate primary, a new poll shows.

The survey by Public Policy Polling shows Marshall with 26 percent to Cunningham's 23 percent, with none of the other four Democrats in double digits. The margin of error is 4.6 percentage points, suggesting the race could be a dead heat.

PPP also found that 34 percent of likely primary voters remain undecided and 40 percent
say they could change their minds between now and Tuesday.

With help from national Democrats, Cunningham has out-raised his opponents, allowing him to be the first up on television. Marshall is now up as well. Chapel Hill attorney Ken Lewis has begin radio ads.

For a look at who's giving to the candidates, check out Rob Christensen's story today.


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