Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cantor: The 8th District is 'a majority-maker'

Republican Harold Johnson got a boost today from one of the House's ranking GOP leaders.

Minority Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia headlined a fundraiser for the 8th District candidate at Charlotte's Fireman's Hall. Before the luncheon, the two spoke to two reporters at a news conference.

Cantor, who is going around the country stumping for GOP candidates, called Johnson's race against incumbent Democrat Larry Kissell "a majority-maker."

"This race is critical to our obtaining a majority," he said.

Cantor said Kissell had "cast his lot with (Speaker) Nancy Pelosi."

"He has demonstrated his willingness to go along with a destructive policy," he said.

The two split only when I asked Johnson about TV ads that criticize his support for the so-called Fair Tax. Advocates of the Fair Tax would abolish the federal income tax and Internal Revenue Service and repeal the 16th Amendment that authorizes them. They would replace it all with a 23 percent national sales tax.

"What this tax would do is eliminate the income tax as we know it and the IRS," Johnson said. If it comes to a floor for a vote, I would be there."

He'd be there without Cantor, who said he opposes the Fair Tax. "I'm a support of refining the tax code to make it simpler," he said.

Johnson and Cantor did agree on their opposition to "card check" legislation that would make it easier for labor unions to organize. Kissell is a co-sponsor of the legislation. Cantor and Johnson made their comments standing virtually atop a marble slab engraved with the local of Local 666 of the International Association of Firefighters.

"I sort of realized the irony," Cantor said later.


Anonymous said...

Harold "Big Guy" Johnson looks kinda frail & weak in his tv ads today as opposed to his sports tv years as a muscular guy.
Could be his mid 80s age but he. needs to take vitamins & exercise more. You dont want to be elected and die of malnutrician or old age in DC. That would be embarrassing.
Take Viagra. It was understood his wife or concubine(s) gave him the nickname so live up to it.

Anonymous said...

While the Big Guy may not be as muscular as his sportscasting days, it doesnt take a Jesse Ventura to vote. It takes backbone and the Big Guy is standing tall. Go get em, Harold! and God Bless..

ps And I love that he supports a national sales tax that would eliminate the IRS. Long overdue

Anonymous said...

Johnson at his peak.


Anonymous said...

Larry Pelosi and Nancy Kissell have to go

Casey said...

All I have to say, is no matter political affiliation, we should all go out there and vote! Reagan's farewell speech reminds of this:

Anonymous said...

You'd need to be brain dead to send a Democrat to DC this November.


Anonymous said...

this one is close...how could that possibly be?

Anonymous said...

"I sort of realized the irony," Cantor said later.

Duuuuur! Duuuur! Lipstick. Duuuur. Pitbull. Duurrrr. Ground Zero Mosque. Durrrr. NPR.

Then Cantor presented Harold with a coupon for free tanning bed sessions from soon-to-be-Speaker-Boner.

Duuurrrrr. Love the GOP plan.

Anonymous said...

41 cent of every dollar being spent by the democrats in congress is BORROWED...50% of people are on government assistance....it does not take a rocket scientist to realize this can't go on....the only way to stop the Obama agenda is to vote against Kissell. A vote against Kissell is a vote against Obama and Pelosi's crazy liberal agenda

The Rude Dog said...

Harold will not vote to keep terror suspects overseas and then switch his vote two weeks later when nobody is looking.


Anonymous said...

Hey Cantor,
I just checked - you voted yes on EVERY unfunded GOP spending bill during the Bush/GOP era that doubled our National Debt, gave Obama a $1.4 trillion deficit in 2009 (that somehow he's carrying the blame for), that doubled the size of government and doubled the level of discretionary government spending....but also tripled US trade deficit, had the lowest job growth record since Herbert Hoover (0.2 annual rate), the slowest economic growth in the post WWII era (1.7 annual rate), shipped 8 million jobs overseas. gave $1.6 million of Bush $2.9 million tax breaks to top 1% richest Americans and let health insurance premiums grow by 87%.

So, what are you going to do differently this time?

David P. McKnight said...

Harold Johnson, though unsuccessful in his recent congressional campaign, posted impressive winning vote margins in two counties, Cabarrus and Stanly, where he was better known among the people of the 8th District.

Though conservative, he may well have been "ahead of his time" in demonstrating the political willingness to challenge archaic tax structures in favor of a more egalitarian system for meeting federal revenue needs in this country.

"The Big Guy" deserves a Mark Twain award for his campaign, as the 19th century journalist and author noted wryly that everybody talks about the weather but nobody ever does anything about it.

Well, everybody complains about the federal tax system, but reforming it often seems a daunting task. Perhaps Johnson's vigorous effort in the 8th District will inspire the new roster of congressional rookies headed to Washington to roll up their sleeves and work for constructive change in America.

It would have been great fun to see Harold Johnson step up to the plate for the Congressional Republican baseball team against the Democratic club's star hurler, Rep. Mel Watt of North Carolina. If wide-grinning Watt were on the mound, would he give Johnson "a decent pitch to hit?"