Friday, April 29, 2011

Foxx to mark his 40th with fundraiser

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx will celebrate his 40th birthday a day early tonight with a high-dollar fundraiser for his re-election campaign.

Democratic U.S. Rep Heath Shuler is scheduled to be on hand for the fundraiser at the southeast Charlotte home of Cameron and DeeDee Harris.

The couple is among 30 'Platinum" sponsors of the event each donating $4,000 to the Foxx campaign. Among the others are NASCAR team owner Rick Hendrick and former county commissioner Dan Murrey, whom Foxx just named executive director of Charlotte's host committee for the 2012 Democratic convention.

Another 24 individuals or couples are "Gold" or "Silver" sponsors paying up to $2,000 each.

It's the second major fundraiser for Foxx, who has yet to formally announce a campaign for a second term. In his 2009 race against Republican John Lassiter, Foxx raised more than $640,000.

His likely Republican opponent this year, businessman Scott Stone, says he's shooting for $500,000 by Election Day. He said he's already gotten support from traditional GOP donors and members of the business community.

"They not only believe I can win, they believe with their help I will win," Stone said.

Stone plans to hold a fundraiser on his own birthday June 2. He'll be 43.


Anonymous said...

This guy needs to immediately stop the blatant hypocrisy and remove his kids from private school and enroll them in public school. Same for Obama his good buddy.

And we need to hear more from this mayor about what he will do about these outrageous gas prices too since he is such good pals with Obama.

They bitched and whined for 8 yrs about Bush gas prices and wars yet prices are thru the roof worst than Bush and 3 times the annual debt plus wars galore.

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss. Boss spelled backwards is double SOB.

Anonymous said...

Scott Stone has as much chance of winning as my pet rock...unfortunately, he has less personality and support than my pet rock...

Anonymous said...

Foxx is the biggest joke. A mousey guy and too young. A bland dreary unispiring deadbeat personality and too clannish with his own race to say the least. Lose the coat and tie.

Pat McCrory was the exact opposite being outgoing talkatike and a vibrant personality. Get Foxx out of office. You need a man not a mouse.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Anthony Foxx is a great public servant.He represents all the the people of Charlotte,North Carolina.I hope he wins reelection,and can help our city.I only have one complaint.He needs to give the city more details about his plans.