Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Democratic dirty tricks?

Many members of Mecklenburg County's executive committee got a postcard Saturday, just before their scheduled meeting to endorse candidates for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board.

"CEC DEMOCRATIC MEETING POSTPONED" it read. "We apologize for the short notice, and will advise you once a new date has been set."

But the meeting wasn't postponed. The cards, stamped but not postmarked, were an apparent attempt to dampen turnout.

"It's definitely a dirty trick," said party chair Aisha Dew. "It's definitely someone who's not associated with the party who's trying to stop the meeting."

Despite Card-gate, around 160 members of the 300-member committee still showed up, a normal turnout.

"Oddly enough, under the circumstances, we still had a great turnout," said Dew. The party is trying to investigate the matter.


Anonymous said...

"Stamped but not postmarked"

So, you're suggesting that someone drove to each individual mailbox and delivered these by hand?

And what kind of postage was afflixed? First class or post card rate?

Were the stamps self-adhesive or the kind that you have to lick?

Anonymous said...

And in other news:


Eric Holder Lied About Fast & Furious Knowledge Resulting in 2 American Deaths and over 2,000 guns being given to drug cartels in Mexico

Solyndra Scandal: Over 2 weeks and counting; no mention of this latest scandal on our current administration's involvement....

Light-Squared: WH Pressures 4-star General to Recount his Knowledge of Govt Influence for Obama Crony

Obama Finally Pushing Through Trade Legislation that's been on his desk for over 2 years

Obama ordering assassination of American born citizen without Congress' approval

VP Biden doesn't know who Van Jones Is

Obama seeks debt collector proposal

Seriously Observer? We all know you carry the water for your man in the WH, but why do you continually fail to report on news that even major liberal news outlets like the LA Times are reporting on?

Must we read more about some couple's great wedding or the latest restaurant review yet ignore these important news items?

Because there's no other item on your 'front page' that has ANY of these items being reported on, I'm forced to bring to other people's attention the relevant news articles that other newspapers feel are important as well. Many rely on your newspaper as their sole source of news information; you owe it to your subscribers to report on ALL things relevant to what's going on in our nation!

Anonymous said...

Th shat is about ready to hit the fan for the corrupt regime:

GOP calls for special counsel to investigate Holder... Developing...


Holder changes story about ATF gun-running op...

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:20,

The Observer has reported on many of the stories you have posted above, and you, and many others know, there are many reliable websites to get national and world news if you are not happy with the Observer's content. The Observer is right to emphasize local interest stories on its site to differentiate itself to an audience that is interested in local Charlotte stories from most people out of Charlotte who are probably not.

As for the postcard scam, that is definitely a local interest story, likely done by a rogue, disgruntled democrat or school board candidate, more than anyone else, since they would have a list of precinct members. It is indeed reminicent of other dirty ploys done n the past by local and state politicians in the past (of both parties) in trying to manipulate turnout. The observer is very right to shed light on these things when they happen.

Wiley Coyote said...

If you want the status quo to continue, if you want the lies that Johnny and his classmates who attend a school that has a high poverty rate can't learn unless he is bused to another school, by all means for for any candidate recommended by the Democrat Party, MeckACTS, Swann or Parents Across America.

If you want real change, do not vote for any of those candidates.

Anonymous said...

I got one of the postcards. It had first class postage on it.

My opinion is that it came from someone inside the party because some of the people who got the card are not on public lists. For example, I am the precinct chair for my precinct and I am listed on the party website as such but my precinct vice chair got a postcard but vice chairs are not listed anywhere but on internal lists.

Kyle said...

Did they get Wendy's coupons with those postcards?

Anonymous said...

Then if, as 1:54 said, it came from within the Party, have everyone who has access to those lists provide a DNA sample. Compare that with the DNA from the spit on the back of the stamps. Anyone that doesn't want to provide their DNA is equally guilty and should be drummed out of whatever leadership role they are in and publically exposed. Case solved.

Anonymous said...

If it was put into your mailbox then it is illegal I suggest you investigate large penalties and jail time are possible especially given that nature of the crime.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused, why wasn't Eric Holder invited to this meeting?

John said...

It's time to pass a Constitutional amendment that permanently strips anyone involved in vote suppression of their right to vote! They should serve a minimum of 20 years in prison and never be allowed to vote or hold public office again.

Iraqis crawled through ditches under fire to get to the polls! Voting rights are sacred and need to be treated as such.

Anonymous said...

I've read here that a current candidate for School Board was a former member of the Democratic Executive Board.

Anonymous said...

ZZZZZZ. Not important. The local Democratic Party organization is in shambles so maybe Ms. Dew did it by accident.

Anonymous said...


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