Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Road to Tampa starts Saturday for Mecklenburg GOP

For at least four Republicans, the road to the 2012 GOP national convention starts Saturday.

The convention kicks off Saturday morning at Hilton Charlotte University Place. More than 350 delegates are expected to recommend two delegates (and two alternates) from the 9th Congressional District to the GOP convention in Tampa.

Those recommendations will go to the district convention in Matthews on April 21. The state convention takes place in June in Greensboro.

North Carolina's 55 national convention delegates will be apportioned based on candidate performance in the May 8 primary.

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Anonymous said...

Once Obama is booted out in Nov it wont matter anymore about his fake birth certificate or complete incompetence.
Libs will secretly celebrate a new president anyway as we know and all insane Obama policies will be reversed such as homos or green etc although he hasnt done much of anything. Libs may be dumb as dirt but they know Obama didnt have the right stuff and need to be saved from themselves. Libs are all very sick.

President Romney and VP Santorum will fix things back up again like new and get gas down to 2.00 a gallon.

Kick out the bum(s). Take America back.