Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Obama strategist: 'Why pull out?'

A day after Mitt Romney's pollster suggested the Obama campaign is setting the stage for a pullout from North Carolina, an Obama campaign official shot down the idea.

"Put yourself in our shoes," said the official, who asked not to be identified. "Why would you ever pull out of a state where you're tied? A state that is an absolute must-win for Romney."

A poll this week by Public Policy Polling, a Democratic-leaning firm out of Raleigh, showed the race essentially tied in North Carolina. Other polls have given Romney a slight edge.

The Democratic convention helped the Obama campaign sign up thousands of volunteers who put in more than 50,000 hours of volunteer work, the official said. It has 50 field offices in the state. He expects those efforts to pay off.

"We know exactly what we need to do to be successful," he said. "And we have goals every single day to make sure we stay on that roadmap."


Anonymous said...

"Pull out like your Daddy should have."

- - Protestor outside the LBJ White House during the Viet Nam War.

Anonymous said...

Lib DNC sheeple forget 93 out of 100 counties or 93% voted anti-Obama with only 7% pro-Obama for homo marriage a clear referendum on failed gay Obama in May 2012?

Also on another note red conservatives believe its past time to end the grief and split up America into 2 red and blue nations for its own good and divorce. Failed socialist Obama has officially destroyed the single nation and it can only get worse plus conservatives despise lib mooch non-taxpayers and libs hate the working rich whom they steal from non-stop through taxation and wealth redistribution with Obamas 16 trillion debt.

The split will not be north and south this time but rather red convervative capitalists vs blue liberal socialists. This is long overdue.

Heaven and hell have always been split and so should conservatism and liberalism. There is no other way. Everything would be split up including cities, states, military between the 2 nations and the lines drawn and details ironed out.It will be peaceful and legal.