Friday, November 02, 2012

Calling for a foul in final days

First the Walter Dalton campaign. Now the state Republican Party.

Both groups have filed complaints this week with the state elections board about rival campaigns.

First the Dalton campaign alleged that Republican Pat McCrory failed to properly report two campaign flights and illegally accepted a corporate contribution.

Now the state GOP has filed a complaint alleging that Gov. Bev Perdue illegally funneled $99,000 to the Dalton campaign. That's the amount of money that she refunded to donors this year that found its way into the Dalton campaign.

"Their donations should be treated by the SBOE as a contribution from the Perdue campaign to the Dalton campaign," state GOP executive director Scott Laster wrote in the complaint, "and treat it as a contribution that far exceeds the $4,000 limit.

McCrory had a 6-1 financial edge over Dalton according to new reports filed this week.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Does Obama hate women? Does he beat his wife privately?
New revelations and proof of severe beatings raise questions on the real temperament of her husband in private and that the job is too much although they have been to the point of divorce many times in the past.

Anonymous said...

Obama has apparently gotten violently physical with mostly females throughout his life bullying a young black girl in his private rich school in Hawaii female classmate.

The president also bullied a young lesbian girl at school called her dyke and other names chasing her around. This obviously explains domestic violence against his wife.

Anonymous said...

The 25 states of the new Red State Nation have spoken and selected its new president. His name is Romney.

America ending a terribe BAD MARRIAGE and becoming Red State 1st world capitalist and Blue State 3rd world socialist nations.

Romney is the president of the new capitalist Red States Nation.
Obama the socialist thief is the new Blue States Nation president.

Blues can have the Marxist who is rejected by the Red State Nation or the REAL AMERICA.

Taxationist thief redistributionist Obama officially rejected by Red States as a complete failure.

Red State Nation does not reward failure or Marxist fascist criminal action socialism.

The "old" America is dead. Two new nations will arise and end the bad marriage of irreconcilable differences.


Time to redraw the lines and separate the masses into Red and Blue.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

How can a pagan muslim make a pagan anti-muslim film in America and get arrested charged convicted and sentenced to jail when there is such a thing as the First Amendment rights of free speech?

Not only did pagan muslim jihadist Obama lie about the film to divert attention but he lied to cover up his own lies.

When Obama gets on his knees 5 times a day in the WH bowing to worship his ancient pagan Mesopotanian god allah does he ask forgiveness for all his lies too?

Anonymous said...

Typical liberal spew praising their empty chair 16 trillion indebted socialist president who hasnt a clue.

Maybe the over 50% of college grads who cant find a job in this sucky sucky economy in debt 50,000 - 150,000 even with all the built in safty valves since the Great Depression will enjoy the next status quo 4 years on welfare and food stamps running the debt up to 25 trillion.

Inmates running the asylum ...

Anonymous said...

Sick sick people posting here. How dare you disparage our president like this. Just disgusting!

Anonymous said...

How convenient of the national media to wait until after the selection of the rigged Obama muslim socialist with 16 trillion debt and 100% failures in 4 years, to come out with this Petraeus sexual affair when they had all the information weeks and months ago.
GOP House to investigate the rigged election sham.

Anonymous said...

Dowd says the informed electorate taxpayers elected Romney.

Agree the election was rigged by the liberal scum and same ones who ran up 6 trillion more in 3 years and allowed Benghazi to kill 4 Americans plus worst econony and debt in world history.

Early liberal voting needs to be investigated. How many of Obamas 50million illegals voted illegally?

Obama an illegal president in more ways than one.

Anonymous said...

Socialist selected Obama was given help by Wall Street in his first term but in his 2nd rigged 4 years but clearly that has ended and even though he is completely ignorant of the market he has made quick enemies.

Once Petraeus testifies though on the Benghazi scam it may be all over for him anyway as impeachment is in order of both him and Biden who both knew and both are guilty of treason aiding and abetting that could be punishable by execution.

When both are convicted the GOP House Leader will immediately be next in line for president. Let the proceedings begin.


Anonymous said...

No brainer. Gen Petraeus displays high IQ with this US Military Academy grad Broadwell babe orig from Bismark ND who relocated to Charlotte NC. The Gens older wife not even in Broadwells league.

Maybe since Petraeus is finished with lame duck Obama he'll marry Broadwell and run for prez in 2016 being a lifetime brilliant accomplished Republican original appointee of Bush who ran 2 big wars to help cleanse islamic pagan filth from the earth.

Anonymous said...

Secession revolution picking up steam quickly as 20 Red States now demand to secede and form their own new capitalist nation with Romney as president wanting no part of the defunct bankrupt indebted dilapidated "old America" overrun with perversion, socialism, Marxism, fascism, liberalism, illegals, and totally uncertain future on the brink of collapse.

Anonymous said...

Vatican says no to Obama-marriage on earth ever. It is an abomination and they shall surely all die. Payback gonna be hell.

Anonymous said...

Shakedown flimflam Obama and his dumb crook lackies in the mold of his pals Jackson and Sharpton will swipe over a billion from BP in so called fines. What a joke.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Surgical drone strike by the Obama govt on some of his enemies and the first of many more to come?

Anonymous said...

Lying Obama impeached and ousted from the WH with the other Biden criminal.

3rd in line will be Speaker of the House with GOP Boehner.

Nixons Watergate nothing close to this including Clintons 2 yr oral affair with 21 yr old Lewinsky.

Noone died in the other impeachment matters.
No special favors for Obama because of who he is.

Anonymous said...

Govt socialist Obama shakedown of BP gets all the 4.5 billion and the people get zippo.
Obama and Holder split the loot?

Anonymous said...

Post says its time to split it up. Time to take a vote. Split it logically reasonably intelligently and allow reasonable time for those who want to switch from Red to Blue using the Nov election as a guide with 25 Red and 25 Blue states.



Anonymous said...

Must read. Obama seeks limitless power as evil world dictator.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Obama UN speech clearly lies and blames some unknown anti-muslim You Tube video for Benghazi murders

Anonymous said...

Liberal idiot professor says Marxist mass murderer of 150 million Stalin was an angel who never killed anyone.
Clearly this Obamas kind of guy. The Big Liar. The Big Lie.

Maybe Hitler never killed anyone and was an angel too.

Anonymous said...

Liberals are so predictable. Run and hide your kids around them.
Yikes ...