Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Art Pope resigns more positions

When Art Pope was named Gov. Pat McCrory's budget director in December, he announced his resignation from the board of Americans for Prosperity and the Civitas Institute, a group he helped found. He's given up more positions than that.

Disclosure reports filed Monday with the State Ethics Commission show Pope no longer sits on the board of other groups he did in 2012:

-- The John Locke Foundation
-- The Golden L.E.A.F. Foundation
-- The N.C. Free Enterprise Foundation
-- The N.C. Institute for Constitutional Law
-- The N.C. Institute for Political Leadership
-- Real Jobs N.C.

Reports also show that Yolanda Stith, wife of McCrory's chief of staff Thomas Stith, lobbies for several clients including the N.C. Association of Community Development Corporations.

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