Monday, August 19, 2013

Black Caucus endorses Patrick Cannon

Democrat Patrick Cannon has gotten a big boost in his mayoral campaign, winning the endorsement of the Black Political Caucus.

Caucus endorsements are usually important, especially in a Democratic primary. They're distributed at polls and at sites for early voting, which starts Thursday for the Sept. 10 primary.

And in Charlotte, 63 percent of registered Democrats are African American.

The caucus tapped Cannon over James Mitchell, a fellow city council member and fellow African American. They're the leaders in a field that also includes Lucille Puckett and Gary Dunn.

The caucus also endorsed other Democrats:

-- At-large: Vi Alexander Lyles, David Howard, Michael Barnes and Beth Pickering.
-- District 1: Patsy Kinsey.
-- District 2: Al Austin.
-- District 4: Wil Russell.
-- District 5: John Autry.

UPDATE 1:45 pm: An earlier posting noted that incumbent Democrat LaWana Mayfield wasn't endorsed. The caucus lists only primary endorsements. She's the only incumbent without a primary.


Wiley Coyote said...

I didn't see that coming.

Old Rebel said...

So Mr. Cannon will be rewarded for violating a citizen's civil rights:

Anonymous said...

Who is the hispanic caucus endorsing? The white caucus...? The Italian American caucus...?

Veronica said...

Shocker. They usually pick the white guy.

Anonymous said...

Black folks are the biggest racist out there.

Anonymous said...

I used to think Cannon was one of the rare smart ones at city hall until he said the trolley could be paid for with existing funds. Then, he voted for a tax hike to fund a budget that included the trolley plus a pay raise for public employees.

Now, when I drive by a Cannon for Mayor billboard that says, Common Sense & Business Sense, I just laugh and I laugh and I laugh

Anonymous said...

If there were a white caucus would it be racist?

Anonymous said...

So a group of blacks are telling the black how to vote? INTERESTING?

Anonymous said...

Start your own redneck caucus ....trolls

Anonymous said...

So people speaking out against a Bigoted group by the very nature of it's existence are now rednecks? Oh boy, someone please let this simpleton know that just because you oppose someone and are not DOWN with a group that only views skin color as a reason to endorse does not mean they are rednecks or for that matter uneducated. Take some of your own advice INDEED troll...

Anonymous said...

If it's truly nonpartisan as it purports to be, why didn't the group endorse in the District 6 and 7 primaries where only Republicans are running?

Anonymous said...

If this country was truly "Equal" there wouldn't be a need for the Black Caucus you yahoos....

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Black Political Caucus endorsed Roy Cooper, and that is why Cooper keeps protecting Mark Isley. You know the Mark Isley who framed the mentally challenged black man by making up his confession. But who still has his job. The same Mark Isley who played the race card in order to get promoted as supervisor over the Medicaid Fraud division of e SBI. T he same BLACK Mark Isley who threatened to sue the state for employment discrimination. The same Mark Isley, the stor of whose rise in the SBI through the use of racial threats the CO buried yesterday while its sister paper, the News and Observer did not.

Shamash said...

NO two people are "equal", so why should any two groups of people be?

Anonymous said...

Not so fast Jim !
Campaign Tracker May 5, 2010 Winners and losers Some observations about Tuesday's primary:
It was not a good day for Charlotte's Black Political Caucus. Despite distributing thousands of copies of its endorsements, a slate pushed by state Rep. Beverly Earle and her counter-caucus were the ones celebrating Tuesday night.

The Earle slate, consisting of Sheriff Chipp Bailey, Sen. Malcolm Graham, Rep. Becky Carney and House candidate Rodney Moore, beat the Black Caucus slate all around. And while the Black Caucus-endorsed Senate candidate Elaine Marshall carried Mecklenburg, most African American precincts went for Ken Lewis, a black attorney from Chapel Hill. -- State Rep. Nick Mackey -- another candidate endorsed by the Black Caucus -- carried just two of the 21 precincts in his state House district.

Anonymous said...

Now ( I just posted the above 2010 article ) Mayor Pro Tem Patrick Cannon deserves to be our next Mayor. He will win because he has a solid campaign and record. The BPC loses as much as it wins in recent years and to claim they speak for 200,000 African American voters is silly.

Dan McCorkle

BiBr said...

WOW! The Black Caucus endorses a black candidate? Who would have figured!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a member of the Blackxicanasian Caucus. Please allow me to step on your toes, don't say anything about it either. OK. This is how I keep things stirred up, make my living and rub it in your face. I will act offended and call you a redneck if you say something.

Anonymous said...

Blacks doing what whites have done for generations ... vote based on color and it's a huge problem.

Anonymous said...

To the poster with the Mark Isley rant.....Who endorsed the law enforcement officials and people in the judicial system, when they would not arrest or find whites guilty of
lynching and framing blacks for crimes
they did not commit. they were only guilty of being born black.

Always two sides to a story/rant.
lets move on from race baiting and try to make this country the best it can be.

Anonymous said...

Do Blacks want equality or to prove a point and squash the White man for the past. It seems the latter from the comments.

Unknown said...

Jus` cuz we not be down with the black man,we be rednecks?

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 10:38 p.m. So, you think it is ok for a law enforcement official to abuse his position and wrongfully keep a mentally diminished black man in prison for 14 years, because that law enforcement official is black and because some white law enforcement officials did that to some blacks 50 years ago? I see.
Well, my sympathies are with the wrongfully convicted, regardless of their color and my animosity is toward crooked self serving government officials whether they are black, white or green. I put the black political caucus squarely in that category.

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked ! I thought they would go for the white guy.

Anonymous said...

To the comments at 8.55..

No .... I am saying,we should show this same outrage and disgust regardless of the offending persons skin color.

Lets be honest the level of outrage and disgust is higher and more pointed when it's a person of color
in the wrong.

When the comments have skin color in bold you can get an idea for the posters mentality.

Anonymous said...

They have never picked a white person unless they were already on the council board.

Anonymous said...

Fake conservative Colin Powell is the biggest joke on planet earth

McCrory should have called the cops and had this intruder liar Obama lover thrown out on his arse.

This is phony Republican and true blue Democrat liberal is truly the
punk he always was and then some.

3 words for that pile of liberal feces named Powell ...


swat away pesky gnats and bugs like liberal dimocrackhead powell who was a mediocre nobody token mouth piece for luke warm bush anyway




Anonymous said...

To the poster at 10.24 about Powell

Powell is more of a man than you will ever be.
You sound more like the liberals you attack
name calling and nothing of substance.

You are just using this blog to show your
nasty side... You are exactly what you called Powell.

This is coming from a conservative.

Anonymous said...

When will Obama apologize to Australia and the world for the 22 year old college student shot in the back and murdered by his 3 sons?

Will he apologize to America and WW2 vets for the the beating death of the 88 year old WW2 in Seattle by his sons?

He was highly vocal on Trayvon. Obama clearly selective on racial murders. Typical liberal racist.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous POTUS

Don't want to get involved in the race rubbish and
race baiting, it's not productive. Only shows a lack of intelligence and thought process.

However if found guilty I hope they are punished to the full extent of the law.... If its the death penalty so let it be.

Anonymous said...

Racist liar liberal Obama starting a new war with Syria ...

Why? Because he told Assad he couldnt use chemical weapons? Who the hell is he ? The world now hates Obama as a racist bum.

ps agree liberal democrat colin powell needs to get out of the GOP and out of NC and STOP HARRASSING GOV MCCRORY !!! Throw that lib racist intruder imposter troublemaker in jail next time.

Mark D. in New Bern NC

Anonymous said...

Mark D. from New Bern
Another fake conservative.
with no clear thought process
you just spew hate and nonsense.

It's people like you and some in politics that help Dems. and keep winning elections.

Anonymous said...

Racist liberal homosexual pedophile lover and protected especially the creepyasscrackas who killed Trayvon with Obama's pro creepyasscrack policies has veru oddly not mentioned the 89 year old WW2 vet savagely beaten to death in Seattle by a few of his other sons.

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Anonymous said...

Retarded low IQ Obama and his mentally sick liberalism radicals after 234 years has officially labeled the Revolutionary War Patriot fighters and Framers as BAD WHITE MEN and EXTREMISTS ...

Yes you are 100% correct about this idiot in the WH.

Can you believe this? A total deadbeat flukie liar extortionist muslim pagan liberal socialist nazi incompetent worse president ever is revising history to his favor?

Anonymous said...

hahaha .... We sure do have a lot of
bitter,uneducated low living racists
posting.They just hate the FACT that a man of color and his family now occupies the White House.

Anonymous said...

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Republicans will clean up in 2014 and 2016. DNC finished.


Anonymous said...

NSA protecting America from terrorism spying on private love affairs too? What a joke this administration is and thanks to Mr. Edward Snowden and We The People for this 4th amendment violation non sense and cover up since.

thesis said...

Interesting information. Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Liberals prove once again they are nothing but a bunch of ignorant arrogant racist spoiled rotten violent temper tantrum angry uncivil raunchy misfits who cant accept the fact that Republicans ARE IN CONTROL and whine bitch and cry like babies.

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Anonymous said...

GOP black conservative Dr Ben Carson pretty much sums it up that King is a false idol like Obama. Who can disagree?

US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was angrily rejected to be a speaker at the blind leading the blind liberal gathering hole in DC to glorify ex pop idol King and talk some sense into their brains.

Thomas replied "Let the dead bury their dead..."

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Fresno, California

Anonymous said...

Peeping tom with 18 trill debt wastes an incredible 54 billion in 2013 to peep in your bathrooms and bedrooms or track your vehicles in 2013 in violation of the 4th.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Where is Mr Obama? Does he not protect whites murdered by angry young blacks for no reason other than being gay?