Tuesday, January 07, 2014

GOP Senate hopefuls say 'no' on jobless vote

Six Republicans joined 54 Democratic U.S. senators Tuesday in clearing the way for a vote to extend federal unemployment benefits to 1.3 million Americans. The 60-37 procedural vote allows final consideration of the extension.

Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan, who has sparred with North Carolina Republican leaders over the issues this week, voted yes.

Sen. Richard Burr voted no. So would at least three of the five GOP hopefuls who hope to take on Hagan.

Jordan Shaw, a spokesman for House Speaker Thom Tillis, said only that the candidate would have voted against Tuesday's measure.

Mark Harris, a Charlotte pastor, issued a statement: "This is the latest example of the Washington DC establishment supporting policy that is forcing our Nation to pay bills on a credit card that is already maxed out," he said. "This extension of unemployment benefits unfortunately is not paid for and does not include anything to help put people back to work."

Bill Flynn, a Forsyth County broadcaster, said there's a better way to help the jobless.

"We need look no further than to the State of North Carolina to see how to effectively lower unemployment rates in the long term," he said. "Extending  unemployment benefits and increasing the already  burdensome deficits is not the answer. Compassion means rapidly building a better environment for jobs to grow. Specifically, lower taxes and less regulation ... "

Greg Brannon and Heather Grant could not be reached.

House Speaker John Boehner and other Republicans say they want Congress to come up with spending cuts to offset the $6.5 billion cost of extending benefits.


Anonymous said...

Imo, Britt Hume has it right in that Obama's and dem's support for the extension of UE benefits is an admission of failed economic policy.

Dorne said...

Well, that's mighty Christian of Pastor Harris, isn't it? Mighty Christian.

Dorne said...

Well denying unemployment benefits to those who desperately need it to eat and maintain their lives is mighty Christian of Pastor Harris, isnt' it? Mighty Christian.

Anonymous said...

Tillis what have voted for it, don't let that beltway boy fool ya...

Anonymous said...

More unemployment welfare benefits for the bums?

Why has dimo crackhead Obama not forced all those on long term unemployment benefits to do at least do community service ( pick up trash on the roads, clean up the streets, wash down the govt buildings etc )repayment instead of laying around like a slothful useless piece of trash similar to the food stamp welfare fake disability crowd?

At least the slaves way back worked for their masters doing soft labor cleaning house or picking cotton to get everything free after being taken out of the horrid wretched 3rd world hell hole sold by their tribal chiefs as rejects?

Slaves must have appreciated their masters otherwise they would never have taken their masters surname as eternal gratitude and certainly were never abused as revisionist lies say not to mention not one single reparations lawsuit was ever filed by a real slave.

Slaves earned their keep and freedom but their sorry ass descendants have been collecting everything free and not working since off the new slave master called the We The Government or We The Obama Liberal.

End high school and college and pro sports and build technical high schools to teach students how to fish for themselves to earn a living for life.

The blue collar lower Marxist socialist class unqualified non-academic can be plumbers, carpenters, truckers, mechanics, electricians, Hvac, secretaries, cosmeticians, etc etc ...

Why waste trillions on sports to make brain injuries or fakes? Why waste trillions on liberal studies that are completely useless to those who have IQs at room temp?

Legalize regulate and tax all drugs 50% and abolish the IRS to end the drug dealers and gang wars and Mexican criminals who number 100 million now.
This will reduce the jail population by 50% and reduce the court system and lawyers by 50% who feed off the govt.

Reduce health cost costs by 50% and increase academic teacher pay.

On 2nd thought just split America into Red and Blue nations.

At least Red States will get it right. Blue states can be the 3rd world poverty socialist nation. No illegals for Red states.

Blue states are too far gone to correct and rehab. Let them rot and die off.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 1/09/2014 07:02:00 AM -
You are the classic low intelligence, low information viewer that Fox News caters to - if you had a single original,coherent thought in your head it would die of loneliness....learn to use spell check!