Friday, October 17, 2014

New Spanish-language ad targets Tillis

My colleague Franco Ordonez reports that Republican U.S. Senate candidate Thom Tillis is the target of a new Spanish-language ad directed at North Carolina Latino voters.
The 30-second spot, that will be aired starting Friday, by liberal advocacy group People for the American Way says Tillis “doesn’t respect the values of our community.” It also targets his positions on education and minimum wage.

“Republicans like Thom Tillis keep blocking opportunities for us, and that kind of disrespect we will not allow!,” the ad states in Spanish.
Latino voters make up less than 2 percent of the electorate in North Carolina, but some experts say they could be the difference in the close race between Tillis, the Republican state House speaker, and Democratic U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan.
The ad makes no reference to immigration. Tillis opposes a path to citizenship for those in the country illegally, while Hagan supported a Senate bill that provided such a path. She, however, opposed efforts by President Obama to issue an executive order that would allow more undocumented immigrants to remain and work in the country legally.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if this liberal advocacy group also opposes voter i.d. and same day voting restrictions.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing they say Tillis doesn't respect their values of their community.

What values are they talking about? They broke the law to come here illegally, many of them live on welfare, and they are a crime ridden community. They steal people's identity and mess up social security accounts.

Are those the values Tillis does not respect? I don't respect those values and neither will most North Carolinians.

There less than 2% vote will not make a difference, I guarantee it.

Anonymous said...

If the Latino community they are targeting is the one consisting of people who are here legally, who SHOULD be the only ones voting, then that ad is a lie. Most legal Latino families have the same solid values as conservatives, and should realize it is really Republicans who have THEIR backs. Most Latinos who are here legally are incensed at other people coming here illegally.

Anonymous said...

No, the voters did not come here illegally. They are citizens of the United States.

Tillis and his colleagues were determined to pass every silly, wasteful, or hateful law that didn't work in Florida under pretexts of motorcycle safety, Sharia law, voter fraud, or whatever in their bizarre world.

They raised taxes on most people, while calling it a tax cut. It was a cut in that it brought in more revenue, and did cut net taxes for most folks making over $100,000. It was a tax increase for retirees, small businesses, people with significant medical bills, and most folks who use electricity or natural gas or who attend movies, concerts, or sports. A 0.5% reduction in marginal income tax rates won't make up for all that for most folks.

My mother wasn't going to wait two hours to have her picture made. She quit driving more than ten years ago. She had voted for 70 years, and our ancestors came to this country over 250 years ago. She died last year, but I am still angry at the folks who tried to stop her from voting. Yes, the people who lived through the depression were mostly Democrats, so I understand why the legislators don't want the surviving members of the Greatest Generation to vote.

Tillis is my representative. He has worked against the interests of my town and done what he could to take away local control of many things, such as the airport and the school board. He doesn't share my values, and about all the Spanish I know is found on menus at Mexican restaurants.

Anonymous said...

"It was a cut in that it brought in more revenue"

Sorry, I misstated that. It should be, "It was a cut in that it brought in less revenue." That's what I meant to type. Raising most folks' taxes and bringing in less revenue is quite a trick.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Where are all the Spanish only voter ads to vote for Republican Thom Tillis?

Why are alleged "soft" Republicans turning on him in the media polls because of some bogus toll land on I-77 objection ? More trickery like with the Spanish ads??

Attorney Kay "whiplash" Hagan worth 50 million obviously needs plenty of fresh Spanish only workers down on her massive plantation does she not?

Why is Kay "whiplash" Hagan hiding her past as a well known Greensboro Triad ambulance chasing neck and back attorney who bilked insurance companies out of millions for years claiming she only worked as a bank administrator?
Why is the media silent on this?

Is Hagan not hiding her resume like Obama hides his birth certificate?

Records clearly show Obama descended from slave owners in both Africa and America and brags he is still on the ballot. He is 100% truthful for once in his life.

Anonymous said...

When will people acknowledge the elephant in the room? Four dead Americans in Benghazi and a President, Sec of State, & U N Ambassabor that conduct a blatant coverup with some video that NOBODY that I know ever saw! What about an out of control IRS? What about a President that can't even lock the front door to the Whitehouse yet we are supposed to believe that this guy will keep our nation secure? Obama has not done his job. He needs to be impeached. Hagan will not vote for it. Tillis Will. We as citizens deserve better than what Obama has failed to do.

Anonymous said...

Why don't these politicians concern themselves with issues in the Latino Community that would build them up.Tired of fearmongering politicians.. Where are the real statesmen and stateswomen ?