Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sanford: 'What I did was wrong.'

S.C. Mark Sanford, often mentioned as a possible Republican presidential, explained his mysterious six-day absence by acknowledging an affair with an Argentinian woman who he called "a dear, dear friend."

Hours after a reporter for The State spotted him in Atlanta getting off a plane from Argentina, Sanford held one of the most candid political news conferences in memory. He admitted his infidelity.

"The bottom line is I've been unfaithful to my wife," he said, his voice occasionally breaking. "I developed a relationship with a dear, dear friend from Argentina....

"I've let down a lot of people. Let me first of all apologize to my wife, Jenny,...and my boys ... who I've let down in a profound way. This is the first step on what will be a very long process on that front."

Sanford said he met the woman eight years ago and their friendship started on a casual basis but developed into more about a year ago. Asked if his wife knew about the affair, he said they had been "working through this thing for about the last five months."

He said he and the woman realized the affair couldn't last. "I spent the last five days of my life crying in Argentina."


Robert E Hunt Jr said...

A governor from the South named Mark
Went off by himself on a lark
To the Pampas he flew
To get some woo hoo
And now his career is in park.

esteopy said...

A lesson to be learned is that when you get elected to public office, your life is not your own, and you lose a great deal of autonomy. I used to think that the drawbacks of elected office were only the ideas of swimming with sharks and having to vote for someone else's pork to get any of your own legislation enacted.

Does political power change magnetic north on your moral compass? Does the routine task of looking at large issues with broad impact make it hard to be a functioning member of an intact family? Does a powerful position overwhelm a person's ability to accept the real vulnerability that goes with genuine relationships?

I think parents should be required to have annual continuing education on how to be an effective parent. The hand that rocks the cradle does rule the world. For the last 40 years, that hand has felt ashamed at being "only" a parent.

What is so fundamentally different about mankind in the year 2000 CE compared to 2000 BCE? Wealthy societies have more leisure than in ancient times, true. Something that has not changed and will not change is the immutable idea that children need intact families to teach them how to be citizens. Funny that no instruction is needed, however, to become a consumer . . . even toddlers know how to buy gratification.

Now that our new prez has brought us change we need, maybe he can wave his wand and reinstill passion for effective parenting. I think it went the way of button hooks and buggy whips.

NOW HEAR THIS CANDIDATES: Abort your campaign if you cannot serve and fulfill your parental responsibilities too. Parenting matters more than any other job you seek.

Anonymous said...

Few people in this area know Mark Sanford who was born and raised in Ft Lauerdale in Broward County Florida the son of a prominent heart surgeon who owned a large plantation in the low country of SC in Beaufort.
The family finally moved there when Mark was going into his senior year of high school where he ultimately went to USC and later got into the political realm and has now revealed his 8 yr affair.
Thus Sanford from a elite wealthy family had always been a world traveler using private Lear jets of acquaintances. Sanford always kept close ties to the Latino community in south Florida and this is where he met his mistress on South Beach in Miami through mutual aquaintances.

In other words Sanford is not your typical Carolina redneck good ol boy that most ignorant ones think even the late nite pundits but has inherently been a lifelong part of the trendy south Florida Latino community social mix for jet setters. This is the high society life he hs kept secret from his redneck Carolina constituents to get as far as he has.

Anonymous said...

A good ole Southern Belle from
Carolina is not good enough for
Sanford ? He had to go foreign
on us ! Plus he used taxpayer
funds to visit her....and this
is a major "Tea Party" spokesperson! Resign !

Anonymous said...

So Sanford is required to go domestic only, no foreigner and why all the fuss from these dems about a little innocent infidelity with the opposite sex anyway? Edwards got the heat too. Had fatazz Liz lost weight he would have been whipped Bush and been prez in 2004 so she deserved it. All she did was pig out at Wendys.

At least both Edwards and Sanford were bangin fairly hot younger slim females. Maybe thats why libs have their panties all in a wad about all these extra-marital affairs.

Anonymous said...

All southern men are always getting some hole somewhere else ; This is in their blood to have a mistress.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

while Sanford and the Republican party take off their HOODED sheets in disgust. This man could have run for president but instead wanted some BANANA creme pie.