Monday, June 29, 2009

Sex, lies -- and videotape?

More news today on the Carolinas' resident bad boys.

-- S.C. Republican Gov. Mark Sanford continues to fend off calls for his resignation following his admission of an affair with an Argentine woman and his use of state money to visit her a few years ago. Now a York County Republican says he's planning a tea party-size rally next week if the governor is still there.

Glenn McCall, chairman of the York County GOP and one of the state's two national party committeemen, says he wants GOP legislators to rise up and demand Sanford's resignation. If the governor refuses, McCall and others have already talked about organizing a rally at the Capitol next week to pressure him to step down.

"We’re just calling on our elected officials to be statesmen," he says, "and let's stop playing politics and do the right thing for the state of South Carolina and for the Republican Party.... It's not about the governor anymore. It's bigger. It's about the state of South Carolina."

-- Five years to the day after being picked to be John Kerry's 2004 running mate, former N.C. Sen. John Edwards was back in the news -- for an alleged sex tape.

Last year former aide Andrew Young claimed to be the father of Edwards' mistress Rielle Hunter's baby. He has been peddling a book to N.Y. publishers. Monday the New York Daily News reported that Young's book will claim that not only is Edwards the baby's father, but that
Young found a purported sex tape involving the former Democratic presidential candidate.

Stay tuned. Or not.


Anonymous said...

A sex tape? Let's hope that isn't true. How unbelievably smarmy.

Anonymous said...

Do something about your hair.

Anonymous said...

Jim Morrill you do a disservice to the public when you jump on the "witch hunt" band wagon. Mark Sanford is a good man. A decent man. An honorable man. An honest man.

Mark Sanford made a mistake, so if you want to hang all those who made a mistake then we need to hang everyone except those who have never erred.

I'm starting a list of those who will be excused from having their necks stretched. So, anyone who has never made a mistake, please send me your names so that we can have you excluded from the gallows list. That includes all you newspaper and TV reporters.

Anonymous said...


Less than three miles away from DSS there's a Masonic Temple! Get it? Three miles! As in 33rd degree Mason! That explains what's going on over there. Masons, man. Those cats rule the earth!

Michael said...

Just goes to prove being a douche driveller does not require a particular political label. These two losers need a punch in the throat. Although, John Edwards also needs a hard kick to the back of his neck. Don't worry about breaking his spine.... cause he has none.


Roycal said...

I get it. Cool. Sex, Lies and Videotape. 18 Aug. 1989. Andie McDowell. Gaffney, SC (that's SOUTH CAROLINA).

Anonymous said...

Mark Sanford is not a good man who made a mistake. He was a moron before this and still is. If it was a mistake it wouldn't have been a year long affair. I, a resident of SC, pay my lawmakers to govern, not to disappear for 5 days and leave the responsibility of the state to no one. Oh, wait, that would actually be better than this dolt anyway. If there's a tea party or rally for him to leave office I will be there.

I cannot support someone who fiercely opposes gay marriage but commits adultery. Last I checked, being gay was not a violation of the 10 Commandments.

Anonymous said...


Nevermind comments by a previous poster, your hair looks fine. And at least it's more interesting than the continuous ongoing boring rhetoric about Edwards & Sanford.

Anonymous said...

What? 8:11, I agree that everyone makes mistakes, but "an honest man"? The dude lied to his wife and his staff, cheated on his wife to whom he presumably promised to be faithful, and used state money to visit his mistress. I'm not saying he should be condemned, but "an honest man" he is not. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Anonymous said...

You forgot about the third member of this merry band of brothers - former state legislator, moralizer and current county commissioner Coy C. Privette. He is still proudly in office, after lying to the public about resigning.

Anonymous said...

Sanford, like Edwards, is yet another righteous baby boomer from our region who thought they were kings of the world because of their successes in the 1990s. What a bunch of p*ssies.

P.S. I look forward to the tape. Does Edwards like "tan lines," too?

John Keels said...

I am seeing a trend here. Its all these men who are caught up in these sex scandals. I am a man myself and yet I am saying maybe its time we let women run things for a while.

Anonymous said...

Honest people do not commit adultery. It is that simple. A mistake is washing a red shirt with a load of whites. Adultery is a decision, a choice, a sin. No one is without sin, but hopefully most of us will seek to avoid it, and when we do stumble, we will confess out sin without being caught in the Atlanta airport. Stop defending Mark Sanford. The most compassionate thing any of us can do is to pray for Mrs. Sanford and those four boys. They are victims who deserve none of this!! This is not a witch hunt. It is merely holding Mark Sanford to his own standards- his spoken ones anyway.

Cedar Posts said...

Having made my share of mistakes, and having to cover them with my lies, so I could have sex....

I understand what Mark and John were thinking.

How bad could I have been? You have no idea. But let's just say really bad.

While it was gender and age proper its the darn video tapes that keep me from running for political office.

As with Edwards and Sanford my political career was over before it got started.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @6/29/2009 08:11:00 PM: So many of you want to try the "those who are without sin may cast the first stone" approach. Assuming he repents and "sins no more", it's up to God and his family to forgive him and move on. However, as the Governor of a state, he has lied and shown himself to be untrustworthy. He needs to be removed.

Anonymous said...

what if barney frank is in this "tape"...ewwww

as for edwards, his "John Edwards for president 2008" web site is still up.

That tells you all you need to know about him.

Sanford looked right in the camera and came clean, instead of looking in the camera ala clinton and lying.... like well like a clinton.
That's still cracks me up...
"I did not have sexual relations with that woman"

Sanford still is a cheating husband, and probably as such is a politician with the same standards at work as at home.

Anonymous said...

Men sound too feminine wussy and whiny to be bitchin on other men who get a little stray on the side dont you think?

Who would you rather be doing? Fatass Elizabeth who is 5 yrs older and 50 lbs fatter than John or the fresh younger slender Rielle babe?
Same for Sanford whose wife has a face that would scare a scarecrow beside the Argentine babe.

It was also funny as hell to listen to then Rep little skinny runt Lindsey Graham crying about Bill Clinton who is 7 inches taller and 50 lbs bigger on the Monica affair.

Does anyone know that little Lindsey is in his mid 50s never been married nor has a girlfriend and has been seen at gay bars in DC on weekends? Hes a freakin faggot.

Hey it takes two to tango and if the female babe likes the male then they are adults its their business and nobody elses.

In the old days males could deliver these whiny fem homo males a knuckle sandwich without being sued... lot of jealous wussy males today or either homos.

BaitSlinger said...

Sanford and Edwards, those two really make the South look like a bunch of Rednecks. They have done very little to show the world what the true gentlemen of the South looks like and are about.

Anonymous said...

Technically Sanford,Edwards and the whole melanin-challenged Euro caucasoid white race worldwide are potential rednecks if their epidermis is overexposed to UV rays of the sun. Otherwise they are whitenecks.
If you want to get genetic and not slanderous the real fulltime rednecks are the red mongoloid Asian race illegals and their indian redman cousins. Illegals were allowed to come by the millions to build millions of now foreclosed homes and screw up the damn economy to the tune of 3 quadrillion worldwide with 2 quadrillion right here thanks to 8 yrs of Bush and his neocon derivative NYC bankers and top neocon Greenspan ringleader.
All this to lie America into a fake war after a rigged 911 to protect Israel.
Obama only wants the illegals to become citizens so he can retain the WH for 8 yrs.

Laurence Harmon said...

Are ALL politicians narcissistic adulterers, or only the ones in the South--e.g., Clinton, Edwards, Vitter, Sanford? Or only the ones in the South who claim to be righteous God-loving, God-fearing Christians--e.g., Clinton, Edwards, Vitter, Sanford--and then turn out to be narcissists, adulterers and hypocrites?

Anonymous said...

On another note can anyone explain in a period of great depression why Queen Michelle Obama has to have 22 personal servants whose bill for taxpayers comes to 1.5 million when she is a 1st Lady only and not an elected official?

We realize it is pc racist to question this extraordinary extravance from the 1st black prez wife who should have no staff.

She is now saying in twisted logic that she gave up her job in Chitown with a big law firm to be a public servent? HUH?

While we are checking out bro Harry locally maybe we need to check out sista Michelle in DC? Just because rap and soul singer sistas have a big entourage, she is not them and she is supposed to be a frugal Demo right?

Somebody needs to tell the new Queen that this aint no Eddie Murphy movie ...

Geesh ...