Monday, January 12, 2009

Clinton -- the other one -- coming to N.C.

During last year's Democratic presidential primary, N.C. Sen. Julia Boseman traveled with Bill Clinton as he stumped for his wife, Hilary. Now the former president is repaying the favor.

Clinton is scheduled to headline a fundraiser this month for the Wilmington Democrat in Raleigh. The same day he'll headline another for U.S. Rep. Heath Shuler.

“Its not everyday the president comes down and throws a fundraiser for you," Boseman said today. "It gives me on start on fundraising for next year.”

She might need it.

Through October, she'd spent nearly three-quarters of a million dollars on race she would narrowly win. The Senate Democratic committee helped, giving her $438,000.

Shuler is rumored to be considering a 2010 challenge to Republican Sen. Richard Burr. Spokesman Andrew Whalen said Clinton will help raise money for another House campaign.

"Today," Whalen said, "we're running for re-election to the house."


Anonymous said...

When you said the "other one" I thought you were going to say George Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha Anonymous at 10:00 pm, it was in the back of my mind too! Make my funk the P-funk, I wants to get funked up!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Senator Boseman under investigation for forging her campaign finance documents? Isn't she the one that illegally adopted a child? Isn't Julia Boseman the woman that was censored for publicly and drunkenly groping and fondling a woman at a government function at a NASCAR race? And she is the same Julia Boseman that uses the N word around children right?

Of course Bill Clinton is coming to her rescue. Why not?

Anonymous said...

its the same corrupt scumbag.

Anonymous said...

How incredibly rude and disrespectful the headline writer must be. Technically, because the man gets to hold the title for life, it should have read "President Bill Clinton, is coming to N.C." Or, if that would hurt the schmuck too much, "Former President, Bill Clinton is coming to N.C."

BUT, THANK GODGODDESSALLAHBUDDAHKRISHNA, the idiot of idiots, Dubya the Schmuck, is almost gone. I have NO respect for that a-hole.

Anonymous said...

If I had the bucks, I'd pay the fundraiser tab to check out Willie in a heartbeat. I'd even pay extra to sit under - er I mean at his table.

Anonymous said...

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