Thursday, May 07, 2009

DSCC lauches new Web ad against Burr

Now that 2008 is so last year, the 2010 campaign has begun.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee today put out a new Web ad blasting Republican Sen. Richard Burr for telling his wife to take money out of an ATM during the banking crisis.

"When the banking crisis hit, Sen. Burr reassured the public saying the systems and protections were working," a narrator grimly says. "In private, Burr panicked, and told his wife to go to the ATM and take out as much of their money as she could ... In times of crisis, we need steady and responsible leaders."

Liberal bloggers and Democrats jumped on Burr last month when his ATM comments were reported. Burr has downplayed the flap, saying he did what many people did.

"When you look at the financial industry that is not exchanging capital, it immediately says you better have a little bit of cash set aside," he told a reporter later.

Burr consultant Paul Shumaker says the new ad is typical of what voters should expect.

"No great surprise, considering (Democrats) are still struggling to find a candidate to run in North Carolina," he said.

"North Carolina is a competitive state, these races are national races. We are going to be on the national stage for the next year and a half. This is part of what one can expect from both sides."


NCindependent said...

This is representative of a typical Democratic attack, as the chants of change have subsided and old, attack politics emerge. By coming out with a web ad this early, Democrats are obviously trying to hide their out of control and abusive spending at the federal level. Additionally, this ad attempts to divert the focus from the real concerns that face America, concerns Senator Burr is working hard to address. Senator Burr is working hard for America and North Carolina and I ask you to join me in supporting his reelection campaign.

Southern Republican said...

Democrat politics at its finest. Trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. How about trying to fix the budget, mhm?

Anonymous said...

Can I here a Big SO. What was the democrat going to do that would be anything different except spend truck loads more money.

Conservative Republican

Anonymous said...

Can you say BULLSEYE!!! That's what dick burr has on his back, and the bullet has roy cooper's name on it.

The Chief Justice said...

The advertisement is just another example of Chuckie Schumer trying to buy another Senate seat like he did for Kay Hagan. This ad is certainly not indicative of the "new politics" that Obama has touted ever since he was on the campaign trail. I implore all North Carolinians to recognize this as nothing more than an attempt by New Yorkers and other outsiders to influence OUR Senate elections.

Anonymous said...

just the usual underhanded tactics by democrats... the self-righteous liberals get annoying at times