Friday, December 18, 2009

Poll: GOP has best chance since '94 to win N.C. House and Senate

A new survey by Raleigh-based Public Policy Polling shows Republicans in their best position in years to take over one or even both chambers in the N.C. General Assembly next year.

The poll by the Democratic-leaning company shows voters evenly split when asked whether they'll vote for a Republican or Democrat next year.

"Two major themes continue to present themselves in our legislative polling,"
wrote PPP's Tom Jensen, "which are that GOP voters are more unified than Democrats and that independents are leaning slightly toward the Republicans for next year. 88% of Republicans say they will support their party in 2010 to 76% of Democrats who say they will. Independents express a Republican intent by a margin of 34-32."

For now, Jensen wrote, Republicans "probably do have their best chance since 1994 of grabbing control of both houses of the General Assembly. Of course a lot could change between now and November- it would have been hard last December to imagine things looking as dreary for Democrats as they do right now."

Democrats have seen a former governor under investigation for corruption, a top Senate Democrat accused of insider trading, a current governor with approval ratings in the 20s and a big tax increase to cope with the deepest budget shortfall in memory.

Still, not all Democrats are worried. House Speaker Joe Hackney of Chapel Hill expects to pick up seats in the House.


Anonymous said...

The Republicans controlled the NC House for a period in the mid to late 1990s and it was an utter disaster ! The GOP is a semi-party without leadership or direction or any ideas except "oppose everything" . Bill James, WBT Radio and Ann Coulter are your Saints. Good luck with that !

Anonymous said...

I'll take Commissioner James over
House Rep. Nick Mackey any day !

Anonymous said...

An unusual article for Jimbo...did some intern do this under your name? Now only is it well written it does not slam the must be Christmas or something.

Anonymous said...

It's funny that there are so many idiot's in this state that kept re-electing the tax crazed liberals in the first place!