Friday, December 04, 2009

Pat McCrory and rogue helicopters

Republican Mayor Pat McCrory has a lot of memories as he leaves office after 14 years. One of the strangest took place at a city council meeting in 2002.

A man names David Thompson took the podium during a public comment period. For the next three minutes, he took off on a rant that included John Walsh, John Edwards, George Shinn and a rogue helicopter. The performance even caused McCrory to invoke the Boy Scout defense.

It's all memorialized in this Youtube video, which through today, had over 800,000 hits.


Anonymous said...

Wherever you are Mr. Helicopter pilot guy and you to Mr. Shinn......This is the best video ever!

Anonymous said...

If you've never really, truly seen someone in need - DESPERATE NEED! - of some permanent mental health treatment ... well, here's your poster child.

The guy is stark-raving IN-SANE!

Hope the police have a dossier on this guy because - and he clearly admits it - he's screaming mad and ready to explode.

Warning to his neighbors: Keep your doors locked and your kids inside!

Gray Newman said...

I know David and he has been a kook for many, many years.

Anonymous said...

Kook? Ah, you're too kind. Far too kind. He was an inch away from being elected king of the kooks at last year's Kook National Convention, but no one could get the floor to nominate him. His "extra minute... or 30 seconds" ran a little long. But, y'know, he does have one good point... George Shinn really was a bit of a pussy.