Friday, April 27, 2012

The Daily Show: 'The Democrats' South Carolina'

The N.C. Democratic Party's recent scandal was too good for Jon Stewart to pass up on the Daily Show.

In a segment labeled 'Tarred Heels," the comic poked fun at the affair that prompted the resignation of executive director Jay Parmley and calls for the resignation of party chairman David Parker.

Stewart played a news report about accusations that Parmley sexually harassed a male employee.

"Look on the bright side -- no love child," Stewart said.

He then played a clip of Parker's convoluted news conference where he said Parmley liked to "close talk."

"Congratulations North Carolina," Stewart said. "You have become the Democrats' South Carolina. Before long your governor will be taking tango lessons on the Appalachian Trail and your residents will close-talking your horses."


Anonymous said...

Funny because it's true. SC is a joke. They will provide Willard Romney's VP.

Willard thinks that Indian lady appeals to cheesey grit voters. He's that out of touch.

Anonymous said...

That's rich Anon @ 11:14 - someone who writes "that Indian lady" talking about someone being "out of touch". Let us know how that cross burning goes later, would ya?

Anonymous said...

Calling an indian an indian is out of touch?

You ignorant lib homo... wheres my tomahawk to scalp that dumb paleface moron

Chief "firewater" Wahoo
Indianland SC

1992 grad of UNC Pembroke home of the Indians

proud chewer of Redman chewbacca and love em DC Redskins and Lanta Braves

Anonymous said...

04/28/2012 01:03

The beauty of that ignorance bears no further comment.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what "indian" you idiots are talking about, however if you are referenceing the Governor of South Carolina, then yes, I'd like to see that Hindu broad naked as well.

Thank you, than you very much.

Anonymous said...

Is Barry over the line joking about eating tasty dog meat growing up in SE Asia?

Anonymous said...

Obama makes a better comedian than president. Anybody can spend 50 trillion on pet reparation projects. Hes a goner.
Romney has his work cut out for him to fix the godawful mess.

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David P. McKnight said...

The Bill of Rights Is For Everyone

It seems that so many pundits and perhaps comedians too would prefer that the law be broken on matters pertaining to executive, legislative or judicial proceedings rather than following established and lawful rules and procedures pending their possible revision.

Comedians and commentators don't want to give up their own First Amendment privileges to offer their views on the news from day to day, but it is amazing how reluctant they can be to support certain other individuas' right to due process of law under the U.S. Constitution.

Anonymous said...

This Obama veto could help him win again if its not too little too late or gas goes down to 1.50 a gallon.
But who wouldnt want to collect
200k retirement annually with all perk and make mega millions with book deals and speaking like all ex presidents? Get real.