Friday, April 20, 2012

Independent groups spend big for Keadle in 8th

Only three independent groups have been active in North Carolina congressional races this year. Two of them are involved in the 8th District Republican primary.

The two independent groups have spent more than $118,000 on behalf of Mooresville dentist Scott Keadle.

On Friday the American Dental Association reported spending $11,000 on a phone survey for Keadle.

The conservative Club for Growth has spent more than $107,000 on his behalf, much of it on TV buys and direct mail.

The independent spending is a boost to Keadle. A report filed this week showed he's loaned himself $250,000. He's among five Republicans running for the seat held by Democratic Rep. Larry Kissell.

The biggest independent group operating in North Carolina has been a super PAC called the American Foundations Committee. It's spent $366,715 on behalf of former U.S. Attorney George Holding in his 13th District race against Wake County Commissioner Paul Coble.

The News & Observer reports that the super PAC is funded mainly by members of the Holding family.


Anonymous said...

If only Keadle lived here and could vote for himself.

It's Whitley, Steen or Kissell. All the rest are frauds.

Anonymous said...

If I Wanted America To Fail

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Reprinting finance reports and campaign flyers does not constitute reporting.

The Observer needs to replace Morrill with someone younger who has the energy to get out of his house and engage the candidates in conversation.

Anonymous said...

People need to realize that Hudson has created an entirely fake life just to run for this position. He has a fake business, rents a house so to say he lives here even though his wife lives in VA and works in DC. This guy is trouble. There are rumors about prior arrests and sealed court cases. If The Observer and Morrill really want to do the job then lets hear the truth about this mans record.

Keadle is twice the man Hudson pretends to be.

Anonymous said...

What is the truth about Richard Hudson?

I have spoken to the man and he seems nice. Is there any truth to this statement above?

Anonymous said...

Desperation is a stinky cologne.

Anonymous said...

11:31: "The Observer and Morrill want to do their job"


You Funny.

Anonymous said...

All true.

Hudson doesn't live here (but Cantor is backing him with establishment IE's.)

Keadle doesn't live here (and lost twice in other districts including his own).

Robinson doesn't live here (and lost twice in other districts including his own).

Whitley, Steen and Kissell live here. Period. The end.