Thursday, July 12, 2012

Huckabee endorses Pittenger (after saving his life)

Former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has endorsed 9th District congressional candidate Robert Pittenger. It's not the first favor the former Arkansas governor has done for him.

In 2008 Pittenger, then a candidate for lieutenant governor, was on the dais eating lunch at the state GOP convention in Greensboro. Rep. Howard Coble, who was sitting next to him, cracked a joke. When Pittenger started laughing, part of his lunch lodged in his throat.

Huckabee, on other end, heard the commotion and rushed over, performing a Heimlich maneuver that cleared Pittenger's throat.

"To me this is just typical Mike Huckabee," Pittenger said at the time. "He's just a decent fun guy who cares about people."


Anonymous said...

He's going to choke again on Tuesday July 17th when the voters speak out about corrupt politicians.

Anonymous said...

This was not a good political move for Huckabee to associate himself with Pittenger. Pittenger is shady at best and purely dishonest at worst. You'd think a savvy politico like Huckabee, and for that matter former Gov Jim Martin, would know better than to make these endorsements.

Anonymous said...

Huckabee like Jim Martin and any others with knowledge know to do the opposite of the nutbag liberal media clowns.

Pittenger is a million trillion times better qualified.
This one aint ever close.

Anonymous said...

I think with all that has come out about the Robert Pittenger land deals, his political hopes are pretty much done. The last thing the party needs is a nominee who may face criminal investigations over this.

Anonymous said...

Pittenger is not going to face criminal investigations! The guy pushing for an investigation is HIS OPPONENT!

His actions have already been investigated (by Democrat-let subcommittee, nonetheless) and they did not even give him a slap on the wrist. Why? because there is no evidence he violated any laws! get a grip people. This story is years and years old, and nothing has come of it. Don't be so naive. That is politics. Vote on the issues not this garbage.

Anonymous said...

This endorsement makes me think a lot less of Huckabee. I can't think of a more dishonest person to seek a political position than Robert Pittinger.

Anonymous said...

Typical 11th hour media hatchet job.

Hard to explain why Jim Pendergraph and his best pal Jen Roberts are in love with the Charlotte Observer.

Sure Jim was a Democrat all 30 yrs of his cop service to Mecklenburg but come on.

Dont real conservatives hate all liberal news media and tell the truth about its nonstop lies?


Anonymous said...

Pittinger is the Pits.
I won't vote for Jennifer, but if Pitt wins this I will not vote for him either.

Anonymous said...

I thought Huckabee was better than this.

Anonymous said...

Pendergraph calling for a criminal investigation is such a sad thing. It shows how far he's fallen, that he's losing it.

I keep hearing from people that his press release showed a loss of credibility as a law enforcement officer. It showed a loss credibility as a politician. A lot of people were mad about his radio ads but his bullying people as a former Sherriff and former ICE Officer is past the line of decency is what people are saying.

It seems that back when Pendergraph was being attacked in ads almost every week in the big primary he seemed like a good person who might be in out of his league but didn't deserve to be treated the way he was treated since he probably didn't get un-earned payment from the county. Turns out that Pittenger was right. Turns out the Pendergraph throws more mud than Pittenger, too, or at least that's what it looks like. Now, after Pendergraph's terrible campaign and things he's said, people think that he is actually shady and sneaky. He's fallen so far he is even using the Democratic trick of class warfare to attack Pittenger.

Early on Pendergraph said he would stand to fight for his good name. Given what we know about him, the only way Jim Pendergraph could have protected his good name is if he dropped out back in March.

Now, we know that Jim Pendergraph would even use law enforcement as a political toy as he calls for indictments to get his way-- that is scary. A politician (former Sheriff Jim Pendergraph) who doesn't attack his opponent's ideas but brings up OLD lies about his opponent and then uses his law enforcement ties and connections to try to get his opponent indicted on these lies is WRONG and SCARY. THAT DOES NOT SEEM TO BE HOW AN HONORABLE AMERICAN ACTS. HONORABLE POLITICIANS DON'T THREATEN OPONENTS WITH INDICTMENTS. THEY DEBATE IDEDAS! THEY DON'T ATTACK IN-LAWS or ATTACK HOW much money their opponent earns, they say why they are good. Pendegraph took the wrong side on every one of these choices.

Maybe Jim Morrill will do a bit of digging into Pendergraph's past to uncover places where he didn't do things perfectly. Pendergraph was never vetted by a Democrat Ethics Board because he was a Democrat. Maybe Morrill will vet him and his relationships a bit since Pendergraph is so interested in Pittenger's relationships.

I know the voters will give Pittenger a big win over the Pendergraph because Pendegraph lost this election with his terrible campaign. Pittenger will also win against the other Democrat, Roberts.

And anyone who votes for Pendergraph needs to realize you are voting for a man who uses law enforcement as a toy to bully people with, and that is NOT what we need in government. We don't need bullying press releases about indicting an opponent for something that has already been vetted. That is SCARY. We need a politician who can help us get our econom on track and help us get jobs not just attack a man for having been successful.

Anonymous said...

Bold & capitalized. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Pendergraph losing would have more to do with his being an insufferable shitheel than anything else.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't vote for Pendergraph for lunch room monitor. So sick of his smarmy hillbilly Southern commercials trying to prove he's "real" and "conservative" and "Republican" and "Southern" and "trustworthy" while using religion, false charges and hypocrisy as tools against his opponent. Pittenger is what we need in office -- a SUCCESSFUL businessman and a PRINCIPLED conservative who doesn't say one thing and behave another. People who believe Pendergraph's accusations are simply demonstrating that they haven't done their homework. Quit believing the stupid campaign ads and do your research. Pittenger is miles ahead of the Rino-moderate-ex-cop.

Anonymous said...

Voters want to know why Jim retired so early & if it had anything to do with collecting that 118,000 sweet deal a year for life?

How in the world can Sheriff Jim retire at only 50 yrs old and collect so much from Foxx-Obamaville for the rest of his life? Does that sound conservative?

Plus if you add 118,000 and the 165,000 US Rep salary you get a staggering 283,000 annual 2fer pay. Thats a mid sized fortune folks that only gumint VIPs get paid.

Jim retired after only 30 yrs of work yet 99% of America is lucky to retire after 50 yrs for 15,000 SS a yr off Uncle Barack?

Did Jim screw up in DC so quick just to get that early sweet deal for life?

Has Jim agreed to work pro bono in DC as The Hon. Mr. Robert Pittenger? (dont hold your breath)

Very truly yours,


Anonymous said...

Pitt will make so many "deals" he could pay $200k each year and still come out ahead.
I worry that Pitt would lose to Jennifer even with the big GOP advantage in District 9.

Anonymous said...

It's a fact that Robert Pitt pushed for and voted for a bill that made him millions of dollars on land he owned as a state senator. Those are facts. If people think that their elected representatives should use their office to make millions of dollars on business deals, well then you have the perfect candidate.

Anonymous said...

I almost forgot about the Garden Parkway issue. As a senator, Pitt made millions buying up the land at every major proposed interchange before the GP was public knowledge. Using inside information from a public office to profit is not what I want in a candidate.

Anonymous said...

Obama goes thru trillions like a wino goes thru wine or a crackhead goes thru crack.
Only experienced business leaders needed in DC something America never had. Oust the pretenders rookies welfare-addicts amatuers extortionists cheats crooks bums winos and crackheads.

17 trillion debt?
120 trillion collective debt?

(2010 outdated video)


*US Rep Sue Myrick July 2012
(who wishes she had endorsed Pittenger instead)

Anonymous said...

Pittenger has received endorsements from Virginia Foxx, Huckabee, and several other folks that I respect. That in itself is enough to get my vote. Many on here are not even in his district, but want to run their mouths regardless. Many of those same folks won't even vote Republican anyway, and just want to disparage an opposing party candidate every chance they get. Sorry, folks but my family will be voting for Pittenger. There are no perfect candidates, ever. I pick the one that I feel can do the job. I don't even have to like the person personally or even know him. I'll take experience and capability over nice guy, anytime.

Anonymous said...

We need to vote out all Democrats and RINO GOPs so we can repeal ObamaCare and try to reverse a lot of damage Obama and the Democrats have done the last four years. Tell your friends and families to get involved. This year is more important than ever to vote, get others involved and raise money for the conservative candidates.

Anonymous said...

'Member that time Maverick Huckabee endorsed long-time Washington insider Richard Hudson like a week ago?

He really needs just to shut it and go to Jenny Craig.

I mean Richard Hudson? Smell his breathe at a function, please. You can't without getting one of his DUI's.

Anonymous said...

Some of these get rich quick self servng wantabe politicans who try to walk before they can crawl need to serve in Raleigh before DC to avoid getting their clock cleaned and eaten for a light snack piece of meat by the vultures and sharks.
i.e. Obama or Bush who actually had some bigtime experience but nowhere near enough.

Anybody can be a boss cop and beat the hell out of criminals pull a trigger or throw thugs in jail but suceeding in business takes brains plus only 10% make it with any degree of success and only 10% of those make it it a decent way while extorted 75% in taxations.
No free easy money from the government either while risking it all at a 50% bankruptcy rate or accused of being a crook.

To eat and raise your family you make in on your own like a farmer planting his fields risking it all working 15 hrs a day 7 days a week fearing low prices droughts or floods to lose it all with millions invested.

Somebody afterall has to feed America and those 50% freeloaders (who arent disabled sick or to old) who pay zero taxes plus pay the military and civil servant pensions and all the hordes of politicians.
Its not that easy and no free lunch for all you skeptical guys and girls yappin away ...

Anonymous said...

dont compare capitalist bush to socialist obama and besides bush came from a long line of wealth politics and business. obama questioning romneys bain capital proves he is anti american and anti capitalist. what business did he ever create?

Anonymous said...

Candidates for public office should be forced to campaign in the nude.

Anonymous said...

Why would Pendergraph wait until 2012 in a runoff running for office after he lost the primary to file a Federal probe into a land deal by Pittinger in 2003? What a joke.

You dont wait 9 years to suddenly become interested in an irrelevant issue just because you want to collect 2 gumint checks of 118k and 165k tfor a whopping annual 283k off taxpayers.

Is anyone so ignorant so as not to believe any and all votes are not fully monitored in Raleigh and in Washington DC?

Would ex-Govs Martin or Huckabee or others get behind Pittenger and lay their reputations on the line if this was even remotely true? Please.

Clearly Pendergraph is intentionally misleading the public going to the extreme for his own self serving interest and bank account as otherwise he could care less.

Sounds like Obama grasping at straws bitching nonstop about Romney and Bain Capital now trying to get elected but never said a word before now ...

Liberals are all the same moochers and whiners ... Get some business knowledge and get a life!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yea. Make a deal. Romney will release his income tax records if Obama releases his real birth certificate and experts verify it as un photo shopped or fixed up.

This Kenyan illegal alien non-citizen felon may exit before Nov 2012 and the DNC may put Hillary as its candidate

Anonymous said...

How could anyone be proud of any money they make by using insider knowledge. Then to use that illicit money to narrowly buy an election? Seems pretty low class to me.

Anonymous said...

November will be my 1st Libertarian vote.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Damn straight. Clean up the crime in this city since nobody else seems to be interested including the police chief.

Its pretty bad when the 3rd nurse was attacked and robbed at gunpoint was caught luckily by the Presby security ... go figure.

Only Jim Pendergraph cant help Charlotte his native home. Forget the outsiders from way off. They give a rats ass about it and just draw a big paycheck.

Anonymous said...

Jim Morrill:

Pls clean up 6:33am.