Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pittenger critics question 2003 vote, and promise

Republican Jim Pendergraph is calling for a federal investigation over 9th District opponent Robert Pittenger's 2003 Senate vote that involved property he owned at the time.

And the Waxhaw town commission is asking Pittenger to donate land he promised to that same year.

Pendergraph called for a federal probe into what he called "the apparent case of public corruption" involving Pittenger's 2003 vote. Pittenger, then in the Senate, voted on a bill that annexed property owned by a partnership he led into the town of Waxhaw. The property's value increased as a result.

"We are confident that fair mined people will reject his last minute slanders and smears," said Pittenger spokesman Brian Mullis. "The simple truth is that this issue was reviewed by a Democrat-controlled independent legislative ethics committee five years ago, and nothing came of it."

Meanwhile the town manager of Waxhaw sent Pittenger a letter asking, in effect: Where's our land?

In 2003 Pittenger told town officials he was giving them 30 acres of land for a park or possible school site. According to the town, and deeds, the tract was never transferred.

"The council felt where is this land that belongs to the town of Waxhaw, to the people, and lo and behold it has not been transferred," said Mayor Pro Tem Erin Kirkpatrick.

Pittenger's campaign had no immediate response. It released a 2003 letter from the then-mayor thanking him for the land donation.

UPDATE: From Pittenger campaign spokesman Brian Mullis: "We have given public notice of a gift. (Former Mayor Jack) Hemby didn’t request a deed at the time because it was unknown of the future use or location of the property. We are happy to provide further assurance if needed to the Town and the County, agreed to by Mr. Hemby and Robert Pittenger."


Anonymous said...

Pendergraph and all his pals like Barack Foxx or Jimmy Roberts have no business experience. Thats what DC needs not community leaders or xcops who struck out once already in DC strung out on the gummint teat for yrs at over 100k yr... whewwww ..

Get on back to Green Acres and tend the Steele Creek farm. Milk the hogs slop the chickens and snooze.

GREAT DEPRESSION II needs real buisnessmen.

Its not a job for a boy or an amateur. Let big $$ Romney & Pittenger handle DC. Not everybody can run with the big dogs ...

Sandy Porter Rd

Anonymous said...

"Real businessmen"???

Like the "real businessman" who is the topic of this article and may be the centerpiece of a criminal investigation???

Uh yeah, right, that kind of "businessman" is exactly what we need running the show in DC. (Sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

Shockingly nasty comments. The farmland is what got all this started. Just print the facts and let honesty and integrity come forth. Investigations will reveal truth. Voters have a right to know.

Anonymous said...

Just think how much money someone like Pittenger can make when he gets to use all that congressional info to buy stocks. Heck, the land deals here in NC will seem like pennies.
I don't think making $ by using insider info makes you a good businessman - just an unethical person.