Tuesday, October 30, 2012

McCrory raises 3 times as much as Dalton

New reports in North Carolina's governor's race show Republican Pat McCrory has raised $11.6 million, nearly three times as much as Democrat Walter Dalton.

Dalton has raised $3.9 million.

McCrory was boosted by a strong 3rd Quarter, when he raised $5 million. He was boosted by high-profile fundraisers with the likes of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Dalton raised $1.4 million in the quarter.

Dalton had $268,000 on hand on Oct. 20. McCrory had $1.7 million.

Polls have shown McCrory with a double-digit lead in the race to succeed Democrat Bev Perdue.


Anonymous said...

Once again lazy Morrill simply copies and pastes numbers instead of doing real reporting.

And he left out the Libertarian candidate. Extra laziness.

Anonymous said...


WTF? What whiny loser crybaby wrote this non-sense ? Isnt is ironic how losers always make excuses while winners never do?

This east vs west lie is getting real old.

Face reality. The west has always gotten more than its equal share than the east and this 92 year old curse is asinine and laughable. Such low IQ mentality. Dont confuse a curse with weakness.

The real problem is and always has been weak clannish leadership and nothing has changed.

Republicans and conservatives like Jim Martin and Pat McCrory have clearly proven to be strong inclusive unclannish open minded likeable leaders.

Democrats and liberals are percieved as arrogant closed minded bullies and weak leaders. The meek shall inherit the earth.

This us vs them, rural vs urban, east vs west is just whiny bitchy loser weakness with no value.

Leadership leadership leadership..

Either you got it or you dont ...
Same goes for America. Romney is a real leader not some arrogant jackazz liberal bully who thinks the world owes him.