Thursday, October 25, 2012

Obama backer Rogers raising money for Tillis

As co-chair the Charlotte Host Committee, Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers was in some ways a face of the Democratic National Convention. He also arranged Duke's $10 million line of credit and gave $10,000 to Barack Obama's campaign.

Now he's helping one of North Carolina's top Republicans.

Rogers is hosting a fundraiser at his Eastover home for House Speaker Thom Tillis of Cornelius.

Tillis expects to use the money to help elect other Republicans to the state House, where he's trying to build a "super-majority."


Anonymous said...

All businesses work both sides of the aisle.

Duke will need Tillis in Raleigh and Obama in Washington.

Oh, the horror.

Marvin said...

If they are smart they work both sides of the aisle, Murdoch ran that massive fundraiser for Hillary in '08 when he thought she would win.

Anonymous said...

Comeon Barry. This is your big chance to put it all to rest to help out a worthy cause. Laughing it off on Leno looked telltale and stupid as hell.
Even your libs are wondering ...

Anonymous said...

Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King being Republican voters has always been known. Dont be fooled. White liberal snakes have held black people down in chains for 500 yrs and tricked them to vote for the wrong party all along paying welfare chump change to own them as slaves. Make no mistake that Obama is white like Rev Wright and Harry Reid who all wrote books and made millions each living in luxurious white residential Country Club million dollar mansions.

Forget tricky white Barack the mass slave owner who pays 47% welfare checks or food stamps monthly to own his slaves to vote for him and keep him in power. He gives a rats ass otherwise. His nation of Kenya was not involved the slave trade to the west but his white blood kin owned slaves.
Even Michelle Robinson Obama had white ancestors who were slave owners.,0,5765826.story

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