Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Edwards: "I'm the strongest"

During a conference call with reporters today, John Edwards talked about a new CNN poll that shows him as the only Democratic presidential candidate leading major Republicans in hypothetical match-ups.

The CNN poll showed:

Democrat vs Giuliani; Romney; McCain; Huckabee
Clinton 51-45; 54-43; 48-50; 54-44
Obama 52-45; 54-41; 48-48; 55-40
Edwards 53-44; 59-37; 52-44; 60-35

"We’ll make certain that caucus-goers in Iowa and primary voters in New Hampshire and the other early states are aware of all the evidence ... that I'm the strongest candidate in the general election," Edwards said. "What the CNN poll shows is exactly that."


Illinois Sen. Barack Obama today picked up the endorsement of former S.C. Democratic chairman Joe Erwin.

"People want a change," Erwin said. "And they want a candidate who is not so much about partisanship but about making government work for people."


Anonymous said...

Considering CNN's recent record for seeding debate audiences with Democratic party operatives, I'd take any poll numbers they release, or anything else they say regarding politics, with a truck-sized chunk of salt. They've got about as much credibility as Richard Nixon did when he said "I am not a crook."

Anonymous said...

I used to intern for Edwards, he's as fake as they come.

Anonymous said...

I challenge anyone to detail his achievements as NC Senator...he didn't put NC in play for Kerry in 2004...he didn't bother to VOTE before running for Senate...he preaches the same old class warfare junk typical of Kennedy Democrats...the man is nothing but an empty suit. I hope this election cycle is the final chapter for this shameless jerk.