Friday, December 07, 2007

Oprah envy?

Two days before Oprah Winfrey helps Barack Obama pack Columbia's Williams-Brice Stadium, some of John Edwards' supporters wanted to make one thing clear: Not every black South Carolinian will be in the seats.

"We don't need politicians to do publicity stunts or get notoriety because of a star, we need somebody to come and say what you’re going to do about our educational systems and our seniors," Spartanburg City Council member Linda Dogan said today.

Dogan made the comments during a conference call the Edwards' campaign set up with reporters and a half-dozen black supporters.

A campaign spokeswoman said the timing was unrelated to the Obama-Oprah event, or to Democrat Hillary Clinton's endorsement last week by representatives of 50 black church groups in Spartanburg.

"We hope people are going to vote for John Edwards' policies over Barack Obama's celebrity friends," said spokewoman Teresa Wells.

But California labor leader Tyrone Freeman, who was also on the campaign's call, had a different take.

"Let's be very honest," he told reporters. "You all are the reason for the timing because you've given unjust coverage of what's happening. All of us here would do this call every week if we could get your attention and time. It's only now we could get your attention because of the Oprah phenomenon."


David McKnight said...

I reckon this means Oprah will not be coming out for David Letterman or Jay Leno.

But we still haven't heard yet from Whoopie Goldberg...

If Oprah comes to Durham, we could see what it's like to fill up the stands at Duke's Wallace Wade Stadium.

Say Jim, Hillary Clinton's a Chicago gal. Do you think she will able to stop in for a howdy-do on Oprah's show?

For a while there, Sen. Barack Obama was waging the kind of cerebral campaign which might appeal to Adlai Stevenson Democrats. Now that Oprah has transformed the Obama bandwagon into "a happening thing," will the campaign still welcome eggheads?

And Jim, since the Barack & Oprah show was such a success in Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire, do you think it will "play in Peoria?"

But isn't it a shame that Oprah's schedule didn't allow her time to go one-on-one with Fannie Flono!

Well, I'll be glad when the writers' strike is settled. Trying to substitute for Leno and Letterman is hard work, even on the political blogs. And half of these one-liners wouldn't make it to Springfield on the Illinois Central.

Oh well, at least we were able to take a break from coming up with jokes about Tom Cruise and Pat McCrory.

Anonymous said...

So Oprah says Obama is the ONLY candidate in her lifetime she truly trusts and feels can help things change?

So what happened to Bill Clinton? Wasnt he supposed to be the original black president unless you count Lincoln or LBJ?

Why is Obama always labeled as "black" and never white since he had a white mother?

We have seen the black candidates in the past like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton who had to white genes in them and they were just terrible.

Could it be that the 50% white genes in Obama is exactly what is making him more not only more intelligent and phonically better to listen to when speaking but more attractive to whites also as well as blacks?

Didnt Jesse and Al say Obama was not black enough? This speaks for itself.

We think Ophah and others need to give credit to his 50% white genes and stop labeling him black all the time. In South Africa they used to call mixed races as colored or mixed.

Obama needs to be called both white and black since that is what he. Technically people really dont know what to call him but he should be at least labeled as white/black mixed or Caucasian/Negroid since these are the 2 races he is composed of. Same for any others of mixed heritage.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what Oprah thinks ? That woman has gone farther on no talent than anyone . Obama is so shallow that he thinks appearing with Oprah, DeGeneres, and Leno is really impressive. Obama is an empty suit---the black John Edwards.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like somebody loves to watch Winfrey Degeneres and Leno and keep up with Obama and Edwards. Black John Edwards? What the hell is that? Mental.
Yep. A closet lib (like your silver spoon big spender draft dodger Bush former girlyboy cheerleader in elite school and college cutting and running from playing football with the guys to avoid getting hurt or dirty) posing as a con.

Like the wounded soldier said as he laid in the hospital bed with nothing to do but watch Winfrey just hoping noone caught him but even more hoping noone caught him smiling while watching ..