Friday, December 28, 2007

Edwards" "It's close"

WATERLOO, Iowa -- Snow is falling in this corner of Iowa this morning, and several inches are expected before the day's over. It's the corner where Democrat John Edwards is scheduled to campaign today. Yesterday, his "Main Street Express" bus got stuck in the ice in nearby Waverly.

There are six days until Thursday's caucuses, the contests that jump start the presidential race for both parties. A lot of voters -- about a third according to one TV poll -- are still trying to make up their minds. The candidates and their supporters know they have to step it up.

Last night at a Waterloo high school, actor Danny Glover, bleary from a snow-delayed day of travel, mustered enough energy to fire up a crowd for Edwards, who was fired up himself, railing against "corporate greed" and Washington lobbyists.

Later, as Edwards rode an elevator to his room at the Country Inn and Suites, I told him he'd seemed more pumped up that usual.

It's almost over, he said of the caucus campaign. "And it's close."


Anonymous said...

Edwards rallying against corporate greed is one of the funniest things I've ever heard. I can't wait until he drops out of the race. Its really not going to be as close as he thinks. He practically lives in Iowa and he still won't win the state.

eye_dee_ten_tea said...

An Open Letter to the People of Iowa:

There's a reason John Edwards was a one-term Senator from North Carolina and that is that he was 100% ineffective, having spent the bulk of his term running for the Vice-Presidency instead of representing the people who put him into office.

Please don't encourage him. We've been embarrassed enough as it is.

Thank you.