Thursday, December 13, 2007

McCrory inching closer?

For years Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory has said he's keeps the door open to higher office. Today he cracked the door a little further.

In an e-mail to supporters, McCrory disclosed the results of statewide polling he's done on the governor's race. According to him, they showed him beating not only the three Republicans who've been running for months but Democratic candidates as well.

"A strong majority (of voters) believe the state is on the wrong track," he wrote, "indicating the status quo in Raleigh does not reflect the views and values of North Carolinians. Now, I plan to go through a serious decision-making process and self-assessment to help me determine if I should run for governor. Our state has an incredible opportunity for new leadership, but before I make my decision I need and welcome your feedback."

McCrory has until late-February to decide. That's when filing closes.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious as to why Mayor McCrory thinks he'd be any better for the state that the current Democratic-controlled administration. They both seem to be fans of the "wrong track" of tax-and-spend government.

Don't get me wrong, though. I'd vote for him for governor just to get him out of Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

Since when does a PT Mayor that has taxed and spent w/o creating any viable infrastructure become qualified to run a state? High crime, bad roads (or no roads), no communication or cooperation between city council and/or other governmental entities are just a few of the accomplishments. I'd hate to see the unqualified candidates.

CFEG said...

Thou doest think highly of himself.

As a lifelong 48 year old Republican living in Charlotte, I will do all witihn my power to see that ths RHINO does not get anywhere near Raleigh. Watch the most recent council meeting. He is condesending and arrogant. I understand those are admirable traits for a politician. He has pushed pushed projects on this city (arena, light rail). Let's dig up his college day skeletons. The mayor was no choir boy. He is a pathetic leader.

Anonymous said...

What? Is he really going to make a decision to run ??? Why dont he get a commitee to study it and then do nothing. Thats how he handles most everything. Except what the "Uptown Crowd Tells Him to DO" Pathetic Indeed.

Anonymous said...

McCrory, in the poll he emailed to supporters, only beats one Democrat, Bev Perdue. He only beats her by three percentage points. He loses to Richard Moore by one percentage point based on the email. You could say he beats another Democrat,Dennis Neilson, but the email to supporters mistakenly lists Neilson as an Independent, not a Democrat. (Neilson identifies himself as a Democrat on his website.) Neilson doesn't have a chance of winning the Democratic primary.

The email mysteriouly doesn't list the percentages of gubernatorial candidates in the Republican primary poll that includes McCrory. (McCrory is described in the email as having the most votes out of this field according to his internal poll.) One might assume this is because his lead over his would be primary challengers is small. Another possibility is there could be a large amount of people in the undecided category. Also none of the polls in the email list how many people were surveyed.

Anonymous said...

I want to set the record straight about something. In my previous post, I spelled Dennis Nielsen's last name as Neilson. This was the result of another blunder the McCrory campaign made regarding Mr. Nielsen. In the email regarding the polls it commissioned, it spelled Mr. Neilsen's surname the way I previously spelled it. Mr. Neilsen's website and the North Carolina Democratic Pary website have the proper spelling.