Tuesday, December 18, 2007

John Edwards: Box office boost?

Al Gore won an Oscar. Will John Edwards?

Edwards' campaign, with a boost from actor and supporter Kevin Bacon, released a video "movie trailer" today in the runup to the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses.

It features images of corn fields and flags and against a Spielberg-like score, a narrator dramatically invites viewers to watch one man "restore the promise of America."

"On Jan 3 a candidate will rise," he intones. "A party will unite. And a nation will be redeemed. Starring John Edwards, Elizabeth Edwards, Cate Edwards and introducing Jack and Emma Claire Edwards."

The campaign calls the trailer "a new organizational tool to drive undecided caucus goers and supporters to the campaign’s Caucus Command Center."


Anonymous said...

Um, Drudgereport and National Enquirer are reporting that Edwards' secret affair with
Rielle Hunter/Lisa Druck has produced an unborn LOVE Child! She is being kept out of the shadows in a Chapel Hill 'gated community'...she reportedly is in love with the Breck Girl and will do anything to protect him...right.

Anonymous said...

Well, after all, his wife has cancer - how can you blame the guy?