Thursday, February 04, 2010

Kissell loses supporter, gains opponent

The woman who chaired Democratic Rep. Larry Kissell's two congressional campaigns has turned against him.

Dannie Montgomery, a teacher from Anson County who served as first vice chair of the N.C. Democratic Party, said in a news release today that Kissell "has turned his back on the grassroots supporters who propelled him to office."

She said Kissell has alienated some African American leaders in the 8th District, which could dampen black turnout. She said she has encouraged Charlotte lawyer Chris Kouri to challenge Kissell. Kouri ran unsuccessfully for the seat in 2002 against Republican Robin Hayes.

Her defection is the latest sign of liberal disaffection with Kissell. His vote against a Democratic health care bill last fall angered many on the left. But how much harm it caused him is questionable.

A polls last month by Raleigh's Public Policy Polling found that just 29 percent of his constituents knew how he voted on health care.

"That finding is a good reminder that the average voter does not follow politics very closely," poll director Tom Jensen said at the time. "Kissell ... may find himself in better shape once more voters in his district become aware of how he voted on health care. His approval with those who know he voted against it is 52 percent compared to 44 percent with those who think he supported the bill. In a district where a majority are opposed to the Democratic health care plan he cast the right vote for his political future."

Meanwhile a Democrat from Fayetteville plans to challenge Kissell. Writer Nancy Shakir said she's disappointed in his votes.

Through a spokeswoman, Kissell declined comment.


Anonymous said...

Poor old Larry can't win! He goes against his gut and votes with the GOP on a few important issues because he can't win this district in November being what he really is (A LEFTIST WACKO) and he can't win in May not being what he is (A LEFTIST WACKO.)

Gotta love it.

Republican4Kissell said...

Interesting. As a Republican, I am considering voting for him because the Republicans in the race are ultra-conservative or don't even live in the district. Kissell's moderate voting record is a breath of fresh air. A mix of Blue-dog Democrats and moderate Republicans are what this country needs to get back on track.

DemocratAgainstKissell said...

It's about time the fraud Larry Kissell got an opponent.

Another 'Blue Dog' who promised change... then voted with the agenda of the Republican Party.

Enough with him! The grassroots at BlueNC and DailyKos are going to get behind one of his opponents.


Which is weirder? Anson County teachers sending press releases or journalists reporting on them?

I have a bump under my right arm. It started shortly after Larry Kissel took office. Should I write the National Press Club or just send money to the NRCC?

Anonymous said...

This is good news for Larry, especially if Kouri gets in the race.

This will splinter his opposition with African American Dems going oneway and hard liberals going the other leaving hims the Rural Core needed to reach 40% with Dem Senate Race expect a little higher turnout then traditionally in off year elections. Which will also help Larry.


Anonymous said...

Agree with LAC.

At this point Kissel should probably pay Kori's filing fee if he promises to scream "kissel voted against obama" loud enough.

DemocratAgainstKissell said...

Dannie is a great woman who was betrayed by Larry Kissell after working hard for him for FOUR YEARS.

I'm starting to think some Democrats would have voted for Robin Hayes if he had a 'D' next to his name. So much for principle.

Anonymous said...

Dannie Montgomery recently ran for NCDP Chair and lost. Instead of graciously conceding as did the third candidate in that race, she gave a speech blasting the party for not giving her what she thought was rightfully hers. She then went on to lose the office of First Vice Chair which she had held previously thanks to Larry's support. And she lost by a large margin. This ain't no big news, the rank and file within the party are none too happy with her attitude.

Adrian DeVore said...

Although, I disagreed with some of Congressman Kissell's votes on health care and other issues but he follows the will of his constituents. He is a competent politician who doesn't always ascribe to the party program which is his right.

Tim said...

Republican4Kissell -

Two words why voting for Kissell is a bad idea: "Nancy Pelosi"

He voted for her for speaker, and will continue to do so. As long as she is in charge, we will continue to get things like Obamacare shoved down our throats by any means necessary.

So Mr. Kissell has got to go...

Anonymous said...

Hey Tim:

Did you hear the news -- Kissell voted AGAINST health care reform...not for it!