Friday, February 26, 2010

Liberal or conservative: Where N.C. members of Congress rank

Just in time for the election, the National Journal has issued its voting analysis of members of Congress.

How do Carolina lawmakers rank?

Republican Richard Burr is the 9th most conservative member of the Senate, according to the analysis. He gets his highest conservative score on economic issues.

Democrat Kay Hagan ranks in the middle. She's got the 42nd most liberal voting record, or the 55th most conservative of the 100 senators.

In the House the magazine ranks North Carolina's House delegation among the "centrist" delegations, and South Carolina's as conservative.

Here are the rankings for Charlotte-area House members:

-- Republican Patrick McHenry: Tied for 17th most conservative in the 435-member House.
-- Democrat Larry Kissell: 214th most liberal; 217th most conservative.
-- Democrat Mel Watt: Tied for most liberal.
-- Republican Sue Myrick: 34th most conservative.
-- Democrat John Spratt of York: 165th most liberal; 266th most conservative.


Anonymous said...

Liberal= Statist. maximum government control.
Conservative= Limited government control, except in areas of religion and morality.
Libertarian= Maximum freedom, very limited government. Live and let live, do no harm to others.

Anonymous said...

That oversimplified view is terrible. Not to mention Libertarianism is a overly optimistic simplistic doctrine in itself.
It just doesn't work, and soon will be a thinking of the past.

Anonymous said...

So Larry Kissell tied for most MODERATE? Can we clone him and take out Mel Watt?

Anonymous said...

Get Mel Watt OUT of the gerrymandered District 12 ! !

Talk about your longterm CROOK, he is IT!!!

Anonymous said...

Liberalism is on the decline, as it is based on fraudulent behavior.
Libertarian philosophy is on the rise, as it is based on individual Liberty. If you are against individual liberty, you are a statist, much like Mao, Stalin, Che, Castro, Chavez, Hitler, Mussolini, etc. FYI: Libertarians
believe in the right to self defense and will not allow a statist to remove that right. This is why Liberalism will ultimately fail in it's goals of a socialist state.

FredlyIrrelevant said...

Ah ha ha ha, I love it.

Who's madder at this?

-- Democrat Larry Kissell: 214th most liberal; 217th most conservative.

Silly Moderate, Congress is for Kids!

I'd say wingnuts on both sides are mad and real voters are just FINE!

Anonymous said...

Mel Watt is a straight up communist. I have known him for many years, you would not belive some of the things he has said in private about social justice and redistributive economics. You white folks that feel good about yourselves when you vote for him or Obama need to wake the hell up. I am an American that happens to be black and I am scared to death about what this man is going to do.