Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Helms: Keeping the door open?

I know that Democrat Parks Helms, a Mecklenburg County commissioner and former legislator, has said he won't run for re-election. But I wouldn't necessarily take that to the bank.

Helms said again today that his wife Eleanor really wants him to call it quits after more than 30 years of late-night meetings and other demands of public office. But you can tell he's not sure that's what he wants to do.

"I have to say I'm having withdrawal pains right now," he told me. "I probably will not run for the county commission. I have to say 'probably' because you never say never. I've had too many people call me and say, 'You have got to run'."

Not exactly Sherman-esque.

"My concern is if the control changes to Republican, it's going to be a Bill James agenda. And I wonder if that's what people want."

Stay tuned.

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