Thursday, February 28, 2008

Meck Dems closer to a new chairman?

Mecklenburg's Democrat Chairman Pat Patton, who's 89, had a pacemaker installed this morning. But she was still working the phone from her hospital bed, even if her daughter had to hold the receiver to her ear.

She and others have been working to find a new chairman by the time the party's executive committee meets Wednesday night. And finally, at least two people have expressed interest.

One is Pender McElroy, 67, a lawyer with James, McElroy and Diehl. The other is Liz Johnson, 51, who chaired the party back in the '90s. Both say they want to heal wounds caused by the rifts and embarrassment over the botched process to pick a new sheriff.

Party chairman David Erdman stepped down earlier this month, leaving Patton acting chairman.


Anonymous said...

The idea of Pat Patton, a daughter of the Jim Crow south, (her Daddy was a judge and a school offical in Mississippi who did NOTHING to help the colored kids or adults for that matter. Most pols in Miss. at the time were Klansmen, does make you wonder.) working to deny a colored man the office to which he was elected is quite ironic. Now she is the head of the Meck. democrat party.

If Nick M. were white, I wonder what Pat "Crow" Patton would have done

Anonymous said...

If Nick M. were white, Pat Patton would probably have said he was unqualified for the position, and was undeserving of an election win that was attained by stretching/breaking/ignoring rules.

Anonymous said...

To the brave anonymous person above who finds it so easy to spew bile about someone while he/she is hiding behind anonymity.......

Nick Mackey shares responsibility for the debacle surrounding the selection for sheriff. I am not a fan of Pat Patton, but I wouldn't vote for a man who has conducted his personal and professional life the way Nick Mackey has - regardless of the color of his skin. A lot of people feel that way.

....and about Nick Mackey....rumor has it he's running for chair.

Anonymous said...

Neither Pat Patton or Nick Mackey are intelligent to me. They just like to continue embarrassing themselves. It's time to move onwards and ignore these C-level party brokers.