Friday, February 22, 2008

McCain advisor: NYT story a 'bump'

Yesterday's New York Times story on John McCain's links to a Washington lobbyist created a media and political firestorm. But for the presumptive Republican nominee, it was just a "bump in the road," says a top adviser.

"It’s behind us and we’re going to keep moving," for the presumptive Republican nominee, says Charlie Black, a native Charlottean, told us today.
The article has created as much buzz over how it was done and its timing as for its suggestions that McCain, who prides himself on his independence from special interests, may have gotten too cozy with lobbyists.

The Times got over 2,400 online comments about the story, most negative. Today it took the unusual step today of answering some. "We anticipated that it would provoke at least a brief media firestorm — and that our efforts to put Mr. McCain's relationship with a lobbyist in a bigger context would probably get lost in the retelling," executive editor Bill Keller wrote in response to some comments.

At least for the time being, the article had McCain's conservative critics rallying around him.

"Some of our conservative friends who aren't always strong McCain supporters were out there defending him," Black says.

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Anonymous said...

The NY Times want to talk about John McClain but nobody wants to talk about the Barrack Obama issue on when was the last times he use drugs and if LARRY SINCLAIR's story is true. Barrack is getting a free pass to the WHITE HOUSE. Yes he admits using drugs when he was younger in his book but not one major news organization has ask when was the last time he used drugs.