Monday, March 24, 2008

Obama coming to Greensboro

Sen. Barack Obama coming to Greensboro Wednesday, his second visit to the state in a week.

As he did in Charlotte last week, Obama will hold a town hall meeting. This one will be at the War Memorial Auditorium in the Greensboro Coliseum Complex, 1921 W. Lee St. Doors open at 11 a.m. for the 1 p.m. program.

The event is free and open to the public but space is limited. For tickets, check out the campaign web site. You can also pick them up at The Atrium at UNC—Greensboro, 1000 Spring Garden St.

The Obama campaign also is opening a headquarters this week in Hickory.


Anonymous said...

Now Sen. Obama will need some coaching on how to say "Greensboro" the way the natives in the Gate City do.

The late Henry Boggan of WBT radio, who once worked for WBIG in Greensboro, used to give us Charlotteans lessons on how to speak proper Greensborian. Someone else may have a better methodology, but what I have come up with is this:

Say "boro" like "borrow" as in "May I borrow your lawn mower this afternoon?"

So using this as a guide, take it from the top with feeling:

"It certainly is a pleasure to be here with you in Greensborrow today."

Shipmate said...

If you go, please do me a favor and be sure and ask him some questions. The media is so focused on the non-issues, it's hard to find the concrete information on his thinking...If you could post the answers here please, thank you.
what would he do first in office?
how much does he plans to spend for his programs?
and will he raise taxes to get the funding? who will have higher taxes - everyone or just the rich?
When he gets the chance to get Osama does he plan to ask Congress for pre-approval for the coup in advance, or before he starts the bombing?
Since last I heard he can't get out of Iraq until 2013, will he be scaling back operations or what does the exit plan look like?

Anonymous said...

At least he hasn't lied about snipers in Bosnia.

Anonymous said...

Obama's NEW Kind of Politics = FAIRYTALES

FAIRYTALE #1 - He will usher in a new kind of politics, get past the politics of division; "a uniter not a divider" .... uh huh, yeah riiiiigt... but ... in the real world, as the Right Wing Repub Smear Machine has already begun to demonstrate it takes TWO to tango and the Right Wing Repubs are going to be just as negative and nasty to him as they have been to the Clintons all these years.

Ok.... WHERE IS IT? I haven't seen him DO any kind of "NEW" Politics. All he's done is the same old negative campaigning, name-calling, and personal attacks .... AFTER .... FIRST... proclaiming he wouldn't do negative campaigning .... and bragging about being .... better than that, above it all. He's continued with the same ol dirty politics ever since .... while periodically PROCLAIMING that he's not doing dirty politics ... and bragging that he's abvoe it all.

"New Kind of Politics" = NON -I SSUE. DISMISSED.

FAIRYTALE #2: Its about JUDGMENT (& His Judgment is best): "Hillary voted to INVADE Iraq". "She was in favor of the war". .... uh, Noooo, she voted to use MILITARY FORCE, if necessary, to find out if Saddam had WMD's, or Not. Quoting Obama: "I don't know how I would have voted if I had been in the Senate."

Welllll .... IF it was a Vote to INVADE Iraq ... and ... he was opposed to invading Iraq ... how come... he doesn't know how he would have voted?

Answer: Because HE KNOWS it WAS NOT a Vote to Invade Iraq. Having said that he doesn't know how he would have voted -THAT- should have been the END of that: NOT Entitled to Criticize Clinton for her Vote. He is using the very same negative distortion and smear campaigning that he so hypocritically denounces.

FAIRYTALE #3: "I'm not the black candidate". Yes. He is the black candidate. He MADE HIMSELF the black candidate WHEN he FALSELY (& ridiculously) accused the Clintons of racism - in order to win the South Carolina Primary. He CONTINUED to make himself the black candidate by making MORE false accusations of racism ... everytime ... he got behind in the the polls.

FAIRYTALE #4: Clinton is the Establishment Candidate. Clinton is in league with the Big Corporations that have too much control over our government.

Clinton voted AGAINST the Dick Cheney Energy Bill of 2005 (H.R.6). Obama voted FOR it. GE (2nd Largest Corporation on earth), Excelon Corp of Illinois, Entergy, along with 3 consortiums of other corporations - want to build 29 new nuclear power plants.

For the past 30 years the banks would not loan them money to build nukes - too risky....until The Cheney Energy Bill ENABLED them to proceed with their plans ... by Guaranteeing TAXPAYER PAYBACK of any of the nuke loans that go into default. (With the Risk of Default Rated by the Congressional Budget Office at 50% or greater.)

p.s. the BOP-N (the "boppin" B.arack O.bama P.ropaganda N.etworks)-(Formerly known as NBC/MSNBC) ... are owned by GE ... just in case you were wondering WHY MSNBC/NBC were transformed (last fall) into foaming at the mouth rabid Obama PUSHERS. OBAMA = The Establishment Candidate.

FAIRYTALE #5: Its about the future, turn the page. Nope. Its about TURNING THE PAGE ...BACK... to the PAST
building CENTRALIZED Monopoly Nuke Power Plants - with thousands of tons more nuke waste; with all existing nuke waste dumps CLOSED; nuke waste stored ONSITE providing terrorists with DIRTY BOMB nuke TARGETS all over the country .... instead OF Proceeding to the FUTURE with CLEAN, Renewable, DE-Centralized, CHEAPER Energy.

FAIRYTALE #6: Better Foreign Policy: Electing Obama will "send a message" to the rest of the world ... enhancing America's "image" ... as a new kind of country ... ready to get along ... and do things differently.

Wanna put the rest of the world on notice that U.S. Foreign Policy will very likely be just as insane, or insaner, than Bush/Cheney's ... and ... put Russia on an even more nervous HAIR TRIGGER than ithey are now. .... just elect Obama and that's what would happen ....Because .... Zbigniew Brezinski is an Obama Foreign Policy Advisor.

Zbig used Billions of $$ and the CIA to gin up a War in Afghanistan between the Russians and the Taliban/Al Queda
(because he rabidly hates Russia). He CREATED the Taliban/Al Queda/ JIHAD Muslim TERRORIST "movement". He supported Pol Pot ... who massacred MILLIONS of innocent Cambodian Villagers. Asked if he had any REGRETS about creating the JIHADI'S, or supporting Pol Pot; given the benefit of hindsight does he wish he would he have done anything differently. Zbig's answers: No. No Regrets. Wish he'd done anything differently? No, he's satisfied with the results.

Elect a man President on the basis of such FAIRYTALES --- NIGHTMARES are likely to follow.

Anonymous said...

Lied about snipers in Bosnia?

If it was more than a decade ago, and, you have Secret Service and military people warning you, over & over & over, about going into a war zone & probably ... providing info about how to duck and cover .... well then, many years later you might Mis-Speak about your visit to Kosovo ... from your remembered FEELINGS (of fear in response to warnings of danger & duck & cover instructions) rather than remembered facts about the event.

Or maybe ... those were real memories of her visit to Macedonia a few years later that became confused with her memories of Kosovo.

Why make a FEDERAL Case out of it? The corporate-Controlled "mainstream media" are NOT making a FEDERAL case out of the FEDERAL case against Rezko ... OR .... asking Obama any QUESTIONS about Rexko ... NOT Even asking OBAMA .... WHY he voted FOR the Cheney Energy Bill.

Anonymous said...

Those that want to vote for the Clintons - ask themself this

Why did Bill Clintons pardon a lot of crooks before he left the Whitehouse in 2000? Some of the crooks are now working in Hillary campaign.

take a look at the list, and wonder why is he pardon everyone from cocain distributor to his brother

Anonymous said...

Any of these candidates are electable but because Obama's campaign is full of special interest money he will win the election, by purchasing it. The Obama campaign mastermind runs a media company - AKP Media. He also runs a Public Opinion Company ASK Public Strategies. The media company has relations with plenty of Lobbyists, Corporations and Politicians. The website spells it out. The Public Opinion group knows all about how to sway public opinion. You put the two together and you've got yourself the next President of the UInited States. We are a country feeding off of reality tv. We prefer things handed to us. We like to hear certain words, spoken to us a certain way. The words sound appealing. It's a brilliant campaign, the candidate has no substance, but the words are spoken eloquently.

Anonymous said...

From counterpunch: Obama has a way of ducking hard votes or explaining away his bad votes by trying to blame poorly-written statutes. Case in point: an amendment he voted on as part of a recent bankruptcy bill before the US Senate would have capped credit card interest rates at 30 percent. Inexplicably, Obama voted against it, although it would have been the beginning of setting these predatory lending rates under federal control. Even Senator Hillary Clinton supported it. Now Obama explains his vote by saying the amendment was poorly written or set the ceiling too high. His explanation isn't credible as Obama offered no lower number as an alternative, and didn't put forward his own amendment clarifying whatever language he found objectionable. Why wouldn't Obama have voted to create the first federal ceiling on predatory credit card interest rates, particularly as he calls himself a champion of the poor and middle classes? Perhaps he was signaling to the corporate establishment that they need not fear him. For all of his dynamic rhetoric about lifting up the masses, it seems Obama has little intention of doing anything concrete to reverse the cycle of poverty many struggle to overcome.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous wants to know: WHY DID BILL CLINTON PARDON A LOT OF CROOKS BEFORE HE LEFT THE WHITEHOUSE? Who else would a President pardon but crooks?? All President grant pardons as they are finishing their terms.

Anonymous said...

You people of North Carolina are very very misinformed ab out the Clintons. Go to this site and listen...the Clintons are being tried on campaign fraud...felonies..and they have people better understand something...the dirt never stops with them. They are just getting a free ride from the media and no one bothers to put this on the air...but oh if it was Obama it would play all over with Hillary...the pathological liars help. Hillary will never beat the republicans b ecause they have all the dirt on the Clintons and will use it ...and believe me they have way more than Obama could ever think of having. Go to this site and listen... is the real Clintons which many of us from the 90s know.

Anonymous said...

David- I'm a Greensboro native, 43years old. I've never heard "Greensboro" pronounced as "greensborrow". I've always said and heard "greensburro". By the way, "charlut" rocks!!