Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ford-McElroy race for Dem chair?

Two men who promise to heal the party hope to be elected Mecklenburg County's new Democratic chairman tomorrow night.

Joel Ford, 39, and Pender McElroy, 69, are both running for the job that David Erdman left a month ago. Erdman's resignation came after the party's messy election of Nick Mackey as sheriff, an election later overturned by the state party.

"There's a leadership void right now in the party and we need a unifier," says Ford, a paving contractor. He's been active in the party and ran for Charlotte City Council in 2005. He was a 2004 fellow with the N.C. Institute of Political Leadership.

McElroy is a Charlotte lawyer whose party involvement has come more with financial support for candidates than in grassroots politics. Records show he's given more than $31,000 to local and state candidates since 1992 and $9,500 to federal candidates. That includes $1,000 to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Members of the Mecklenburg Democratic executive committee meet tomorrow night at Piedmont Open Middle School to elect a new chairman. Other candidates may emerge.


Kailash Chand said...
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to Joel! It takes a brave man to stand up to Pat & her dixie-crat company. SHe hand-picked David Erdman..and Pander is just a clone. He's never lifter a finger or spent a dime on the county party org. Joel is always there - helping out the party any way he can. He's smart, articulate, professional, organized and involved with the community. He's everything we need in a chair! GOOD LUCK!!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully these guys are competent enough to openly connect with regular Democrats who have been in Charlotte for less than 20 years.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope Ford wins to clean out the humiliating supremacists in the party. Lincoln WAS considering a party change, not recognizing anything anybody said in his party. But turned back realizing that he was right about the democrats all along. They'll never change. Ford will just have to get rid of them... Lysol the county.

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