Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Saunders fires first shot at Mackey

State Rep. Drew Saunders has come out swinging in his Democratic primary against Nick Mackey.

"I have no desire to be a Policeman, Judge or Sheriff," Saunders wrote in a news release. "I am running for this office to represent the people of the district, not because I am mad that I cannot be Sheriff.

"My opponent has been held in contempt of court because he would not represent one person in the court room. If he did not represent one person in the heart of Charlotte, how can we expect him to represent 67,000 people while working out of the State Capitol in Raleigh?"

Mackey filed in Saunders' House District 99 Friday. In December he won a party election to fill a vacancy for sheriff, only to have the vote overturned after the state party found rules had been broken. In 2006, he ran unsuccessfully for district court judge.

In January, Mackey, a lawyer, was convicted of contempt of court after failing to show up for the client's December trial.

Mackey declined to respond to Saunders.

"I don't stoop to that kind of mudslinging so I don't have any comment," he said today. "I’m not going to be baited into some back-and-forth mudslinging with him. We’ll debate the issues and that's that."

Saunders, a six-term legislator, has never had a primary. He said today that he'll run an aggressive campaign.

"I need for (Mackey) to know that it’s going to be a race," he said. "I can’t lay down and give him my seat just because he’s disappointed he didn't get the sheriff’s race."

The winner faces Republican Dempsey Miller.


Anonymous said...

Go Saunders Go !

Anonymous said...

Mackey's a joke... saunders hit it right on the head "I'm not running for this position because I'm mad that I didn't get to be sheriff." Well put.

This will be another Mackey circus....what a clown.

Anonymous said...

...so I don't have any comment," he (Mackey) said today.

Why am I not surprised.

Anonymous said...

Mackey seems determined to keep himself in the public eye, though I can't understand why. I seriously doubt it is because of a desire for public service, but rather for some sort of self-serving ego-feeding ideal.

But let the guy run. It's a free country, after all. Besides, the more that becomes public knowledge about Mackey's public and fiscal irresponsibilities, the bigger a whipping he'll take in the election.

Anonymous said...

Saunders.....swith parties and see what happens. THEY will vote for the part rather than the person.

Anonymous said...

Fool's names are like their faces, always seen in public spaces....

Anonymous said...


So now, a simple statement of fact is "mudslinging".

I feel sorry for the local African American community that they keep being "represented" by such poor examples of humanity. They deserve so much better.

Anonymous said...

Mackey seems determined to keep himself in the public eye, though I can't understand why.

He's desperate to get a public job so that he can continue adding to the 14 years he already has in the state pension fund.

That, or he's just a giant, clueless masochist who just doesn't get what a horse's ass he looks like.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully voters in NC District 99 will keep Drew Saunders in Raleigh. Nick Mackey continues to embarrass himself by running for public office when he know that he caused a lot of political fallout from the County Sheriff's race.

Anonymous said...

Has Saunders found that $15,000 missing from his campaign account yet?

I'm no fan of Mackey, but Drew Saunders is the epitome of corrupt politician. Running cover for Jim Black will do that to a person.

Interesting that a person of Mackey's questionable character need only look to the General Assembly in which he could find an office to be elected.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Lots of racism around Charlotte. *sigh* Lots of libel online these days, too.

Anonymous said...

Saunders has questionable ethics. Does he represent people in Raleigh or himself??

He was as tight with Jim Black as anyone can be and cozies up to lobbyists and then calls on their behalf to get raises and promotions. Then they appear before his committee. What is he up to? As a former personnel professional he should know better.

This race is a toss-up - neither is befitting the position

Anonymous said...

Go saunders go - I agree with. Go home and retire Drew Saunders. Enough of your "ethics" - pretty funny for you to take pot shots at Nick Mackey when you, as a personnel expert, should no better than to call lobbyists' bosses and put pressure on them to promote and give raises. What do you want in return?? Hopefully Nick Mackey will ask you these questions. As the Chair of House Public Utilities, it is unethical for you to call ElectriCities to get their lobbyist promoted. Are you really representing your district or yourself. I think I will take my chances with Nick.

Anonymous said...

Well well well Drew Saunders voted for censure for Wright. Wonder why? Could he be in trouble himself. He has admitted to calling to get promotions and raises for Estherine Davis at ElectriCities.

Anonymous said...

"Lots of racism around Charlotte. *sigh* Lots of libel online these days, too."

Yeah, amazing how many of the black community rally around such a scumbag like Nick Mackey because of his skin color. Dr. King said to judge a man by his character, not the color of his skin, but because he is black he gets the nod over the white man. I don't like either and neither will get my vote in the election no matter who gets the Democratic bid.

Anonymous said...

Here is some Black on White Harrassment and Racism

Supposedly over 20 years, there have been more than 40 complaints about Estherine Davis for her behavior and harrassment of people. They have all been ignored but they are all in files and many are in writing.
She is a secretary moved up the proverbial ladder to a lobbyist. No credential and little speaking ability. Meet her and you decide if any of those rungs were deserved.
She will need a new revolving door since she has been part of lies about her two bosses, both white, and now a total of six other people in the division have left in 5 years because of her, including three in the past five months. All are white. Only one person has remained in the division and she is not the brightest bulb in the pack but she is black.
This is more than 80% turnover in a group that lobbies. That is why there are 10 contract lobbyists. Staff cannot get it done. They are too busy packing to get away from this woman. So I suppose the Board can say "We can't hold her responsible for her behavior." or something else equally idiotic.
No, this is not the most pressing issue at this place but it is a BIG indicator of the crap that goes on and the environment there that needs fixing, and why there needs to be a change in the entire senior management. SOON. How can work when they are working in a soap opera,

kittygoespotty said...

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