Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Burr blasts Obama on energy

Speaking for Sen. John McCain's campaign, Sen. Richard Burr today called Democrat Barack Obama's energy proposals "ludicrous."

"I'm not sure he’s done anything but mirror the inaction of the Democratic leadership in Congress," said Burr, an N.C. Republican.

Burr joined McCain's energy adviser in an afternoon conference call with reporters. They spoke as McCain, campaigning in California, called for greater energy efficiency. The candidate appeared with Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who opposes offshore oil drilling, which McCain supports.

Burr said he supports McCain's call to end a federal moratorium on such drilling and let states decide whether to allow it off their coasts.

"I leave it up to the people of North Carolina, to the leadership of North Carolina," Burr said. "I hope they feel a responsibility to do what I think technologically can be done with very little risk."


Anonymous said...

Please! Giving up more leases for Offshore drilling is just a gift to the oil companies. Fact is they are only using a small part of the offshore leases they have. This is calssic smoke and mirrors folks, don't be fooled. Instead of worrying about oil that will take 10+ years to pump and even longer to refine, lets work toward alternative renewable energy sources so that in 10 years maybe our dependency on oil will be a thing of the past. Do your homework and don't believe these Republicans. Look what they've done for you the last 8 years. Do you realy want 4 more? VOTE OBAMA!

Anonymous said...

Pie in the sky. What's wrong with drilling now and using the resources we have (not buying it from countries who hate us) and ALSO looking for alternatives for the future?

Anonymous said...

we only refine 30% of the oil we need from our own supply why not increase it to 45% buy less oil and put a cap on the profits the oil companies can make and see what opec will do when we buy 15% less

Anonymous said...

gas prices are the highest they have been since man became civilized,profits are the highest[for the oil companies]they have been since man became civilized,what is all the rhetoric about,its as plain as the nose on your face lol,im not for a lot of government control but the oil companies are hosing all of us,maybe they should step in and roll back prices and freeze them before we have a drastic recession or maybe even a depression ron in charlotte

Anonymous said...

Burr's pandering does nothing to change the fact that offshore drilling will have virtually no effect whatsoever on the price of anything for at least ten years, if ever.