Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gov candidates debate debates

Democrat Bev Perdue agreed today to five debates with Republican Pat McCrory. For McCrory, that's not enough.

Perdue's campaign said she'll debate five times starting June 21 in Atlantic Beach before the N.C. Bar Association. The other debates are spread out, ending with an Oct. 15 face-off in Charlotte.

"We've agreed to five debates, it's more than any recent gubernatorial campaign in North Carolina," says Perdue spokesman David Kochman. "It provides a very aggressive schedule and good opportunity for voters to hear about the candidates."

McCrory has agreed to seven debates, says his manager, Richard Hudson.

“Pat has agreed to debate anywhere and everywhere,” he says. “Let’s get on with the discussion of the issues so the voters of North Carolina can make an educated choice for the person to lead this state.”

McCrory questioned why Perdue didn't list events sponsored by the N.C. Press Association and the N.C. Association of Broadcasters. Kochman said she'll be at the press association event, though it's not a debate.

As for the broadcasters' gathering, he said, "We've accepted five debates. Unfortunately we can't accept every invitation that comes our way."

The debates both sides have agreed to:
-- 6/21: North Carolina Bar Association, Atlantic Beach.
-- 8/19: WTVD, Durham.
-- 9/9: Capital Broadcasting/WRAL, Raleigh.
-- 9/19: Public School Forum/Education: Everybody's Business Coalition,
-- 10/15: Charlotte-Mecklenburg League of Women Voters/WSOC/WTVI,


Bobby Coggins said...

How about western North Carolina?

We realize that most people in Raleigh think that the stae ends in Charlotte, but what about Asheville?

We had to drag McCrory up here to debate, and Perdue never debated except in Raleigh.

Anonymous said...

There will be three gubernatorial candidates on the ballot in November. I certainly hope that Mike Munger, the Libertarian candidate, will be included in all the debates.

Only by including all the candidates will the voters be able to make an informed choice.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Munger was invited weeks ago to attend the debate at Queens University in Charlotte ... even before he was the official nominee of the Libertarian Party. Why hasn't he been included in these other debates?

Anonymous said...

Please see the McCrory campaigns press release today where campaign manager Hudson questions why Bev Perdue is ignoring the West.

I know that Pat would not leave out Western NC.

The quote..."I am also concerned that Perdue appears to be avoiding any joint appearances in Western North Carolina."

He continues that he wants Bev to join Pat in discussions on the issues in EVERY part of North Carolina...

Anonymous said...

So yet again they are showing that they think the people should not hear from all the candidates.
After all, then they might vote for them....

Brian Irving said...

Once again, Democratic-Republican duopoly has conspired to exclude the Libertarian Party from these so-called debates. We jumped through all the hoops the state requires, spent $130,000 to gather the 70,000 verified signatures needed to qualify as a political party in NC, and have an outstanding, well qualified candidate in Dr. Mike Munger, chair of the political science department at Duke University.

The hosts for these eventsshould respect NC voters enough to invite all the qualified candidates for governor to the debates, so the people can get a clear and complete picture of what all the candidates have to offer.

The people are entitled to hear a candidate address the real issues facing our state, instead of patented answers to the softball questions the moderators are likely to gently toss to the establishment candidates.

Anonymous said...

There are now three candidates on the ballot and all three candidates should be invited to the debates. Anything less is well... corrupt?

Anonymous said...

Real debates should include all the candidates. Unless Dr. Munger is invited, these events will just be rallies or advertisments for the Democrat/Republican hedgemony.

Anonymous said...

The Journalist's Creed, written by Walter Williams in 1906 states that "the journalism which succeeds the best...seeks to give every man a chance." Why then has Libertarian candidate Mike Munger not been invited to these televised debates?